EIMS Update

May, 2016

Apps to Pass

After attending the conference with the Morresville Team last week, there were many new apps and websites that I was introduced to. I was joined by Nicole Johnson, Heather Pahuta, Danielle Read, Rob Chinappi, and Kim Rovitelli. They are an amazing team of digital leaders and I asked them to share something that they learned as well.

The website I wanted to share is exactly what you are reading, a Smore. I am going to start with the basics because the best way for me to learn is to become familiar with something step-by-step. My goal is to use Smore to create newsletters for parents and faculty on a regular basis.

I hope you enjoy this newsletter! I welcome any feedback with improvements/enhancement that I could make as I become more familiar with its capabilities.


You can create Smore flyers as mini websites to publish information about events, announcements, etc. for your classroom, club, sport, or other extracurricular group. Smore flyers can feature many types of media including video. It is a very user-friendly site with a lot of customized features. Since it is web-based, users don't have to have any specific program or app on their device to view it. For example, it can replace a traditional Microsoft Publisher document.

QUIZIZZ - Nicole Johnson

This is a great web based tool for accessing students in a fun way! It is similar to Kahoot, but has some features that make it more teacher and student friendly. Quizizz allows all students to see the question and choices on their own ipads, rather than in Kahoot where they only see the choices on their devices. Quizizz allows students to work through the questions at their own pace and still awards points as they answer them correctly. Students see an ongoing leader board that their competitive spirits enjoy! Finally, it randomizes the questions for each student so that they are all working on a different question.

SYMBALOO - Danielle Read

Symbaloo is a web-based tool which allows you to curate and organize digital content through an engaging visual interface called a "webmix." Create different webmixes for any purpose or topic. For example, you could create one with the web sites your classes regular access, another one for your own personal use of all the web sites you visit frequently, another one related to topics that you want students to research, etc. The options are endless. Click HERE for a link to the Symbaloo Danielle created on Digital Citizenship resources for teachers.

PLAYPOSIT - Heather Pahuta

PlayPosit is a website that allows teachers to use or create video clips that include questions into the video. The teacher can choose to browse premade videos or make their own. If you choose to make your own video, you can either use a video URL that you want to edit or you can search PlayPosit for a video. Once you find the video you like, editing is very simple. Pause the video where you would like a question to be asked. The question can be multiple choice, free response, or a reflective pause. While editing, if you don’t like a part of the video, you can skip or crop the video. Once your video is complete, you can create a class and assign it. Students can access the video by downloading the app, creating a username and password, and searching your name or search code.

THINGLINK - Kim Rovitelli

Click HERE for an example of how Thinglink works. When you see the Thinglink icon click on the 6 tags to learn more about this tool.

Upcoming Events


April 29, 7PM, Eastridge - Shrek the Musical, Jr.

April 30, 2PM and 7PM Eastridge - Shrek the Musical, Jr.


Week of May 2 - Teacher Appreciation Week!

May 5 - Lunch from PTSA

May 6 - Breakfast from Administration

May 5, BLT Meeting

May 5, 7PM - PTSA Meeting

May 9, 6:30PM - Incoming 6th Grade Parent Night

May 12, Faculty Meeting

May 13, 6:30-8:00PM - School Dance Sponsored by Student Government

Newest Members to NJHS

A big "Thank You" to Nancy and Doyle for planning the ceremony. It was great to see these kids be rewarded for all of their hard work!

Jayna Rosati

Darlene Blaise

Madison Blythe

Sarah Borzilleri

Brennan Callahan-Stiles

Krystyn Clare

Lorenzo Cooper

Josiah Covell

Sierra Devlin

Sierra Dominik

Christopher Dutko

Jonathan Dyakiv

Brooke Eastman

Serenity Evarts

Nora Fitzsimmons

Melissa Gramlich

Ervin Gujic

Lauren Harisis

Jayda Hutchinson

Martina Inga

Tulinay Kaplan

Julia Kerba

Payton Kettlehone

Jordan Knier

Summer Koltay

Anthony Lawrence

Dan Liu

Sierra Magliocchetti

Sara McGrath

Lena Miller

Devin Mori

Anna Mukhin

Collin Oakes

Brynne O’Brien

Azzah Omer

Evan Oxley

Mireille Palma-Mendez

Jeffrey Petrie

Olivia Petsos

Andrea Potter

Olivia Randolph

Albby Rodriguez

Jane Schuler

Grace Shaffer

Lalouny Sypaseuth

Collin Thomas-Fayad

Shania Villarini

Alexander Wood