Digital Badges

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Teen Science Cafés would not be possible without the contributions of teens who commit to lead the programs by providing input into the format and content, putting effort into the marketing and meeting logistics, and participating intellectually in the Cafés discussion and active learning components. To do these well, requires your commitment to improve the program and to improve yourself. As such, we want to recognize the contributions of our teen leaders with Digital Badges.

Digital badges are an internationally validated way to recognize accomplishments, skills, qualities or interests. When earned they can be displayed on your college applications, websites, social media pages, and résumés. As part of being a teen leader, you will be eligible to earn badges as you successfully complete different activities. You will be eligible to earn additional badges for demonstrating proficiency in the tasks and responsibilities you perform at the Teen Cafés. Your contributions to the Teen Café Scientifique NM program will be validated, assessed, and credentialed by the national Teen Science Café Network (check it out at using Mozilla’s free, open-source software (

Digital Badges & Mozilla's Open Badge Backpack
Here are some of the skills you could develop depending upon your leadership role in the program.
  • Planning an event
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Keeping commitments
  • Public speaking – introductions; facilitating discussion; closing a meeting
  • Interview skills with our presenters
  • Providing interviews to news outlets
  • Writing news stories for news outlets
  • Creating podcasts of interviews for our website
  • Creating short 3-5 minute videos on YouTube of our events
  • Activity development – creating trivia quizzes, challenges related to the month’s topic assisting with hands on activity development

This is a new program and we would like your feedback on the list of skills and how best to document your contributions over the year. Talk to your Adult Leader or send comments to