The 3D Olympics

By: Gavin O. Colin E.

How Many People Attended The 1st Olympics?

The number of people that attended the first olympics was 2,000 people.

Where Did The 1st Olympics Take Place?

The first olympics took place in Greece

How Many Sports Were There In The 1st Olympics?

9 sports athletics,wrestling,cycling,gymnastics,fenceing,weightlifting,tennis,swimming,shooting.

Who Started The Olympics?

The Ancient Greeks

When Did The Olympics Become Popular?

It became popular 3-5,000 years ago

How Many People Attended The 2014 Olympics?

Over 75,000

What Is The Most Popular Sports In The Olympics?

The top three are Soccer,Swimming,Athletics

When Was The 1st Olympics?

1896 A summer Olympics

How Many Sports Were In The 2014 Olympics?

98 sports

How Many Olympics Have There Been?

28 summer Olympics and 22 Winter Olympics

If You Could Create A New Olympics Symbol What Would It Be?

A all gray torch with a 5 ring symbol below it.