English 10 B

Week 9 April 30 - May 4

Argumentative Writing and MLA

Tenth graders spent last week studying the structure of an argumentative essay and learning some basics about MLA Edition 8. This week, we will continue with our study by researching and writing our own essays using MLA style. We will be fine tuning our use of MLA in text citations while learning how to use evidence and counterclaims to persuade a reader. Students will be choosing their essay topics so I am excited to see where their passions will take them during the writing process!

What's Ahead This Week

Monday We will be finishing up our notes on MLA style and then practicing writing with in text citations. Then, students will have a chance to brainstorm their essay topic. I have a sheet with over 40 essay topic ideas, but students can also create their own topic that is approved by me.

Tuesday We will begin by discussing MLA formatting of the essay and the works cited page. Then, I will give students a packet of organizers to keep track of their sources and organize their ideas for the essay. This packet will include the rubric for grading the essay. After explaining these resources to students, I will give my expectations for academic sources and then give them time to organize and research their topics.

Wednesday We will begin by revisiting counterclaims. Students will reflect on the counterclaims against their opinion and plan the placement of that counterclaim in their essay. Essay topics will be due at the end of class on this day.

Thursday We will begin by discussing the use of transitional signal phrases in their writing. Students will practice writing phrases that help their writing sound more professional. Then, they will have time to research their topics and work on the organization of their essay. Their essay organizer (similar to an outline) will be due at the end of class on this day. Writing Fellows will be available for writing help during RWU on this day.

Friday Students will have a full day to work on writing their essays in class. I will be available to help them. Writing Fellows will also be available for writing support on this day during RWU.


Wednesday Essay topic due (Canvas)

Thursday Essay organizer due

Final drafts of essays will most likely be due on Tuesday! Monday we will have an editing workshop.

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