Distribution of Languages ~ 5.2

~2 language families equal 2/3s of the world, the rest use 7

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The two most used language families are, Indo-European and Sino-Tibetan

Indo-European Family

Second most widely used language family, includes; English, Spanish, Russian, and many other languages.

Sino-Tibetan Family

The most used language because of the high population in China, mostly includes Mandarin.

The remaining parts of the world mostly use seven different language families

Niger-Congo Family

More than 95% of languages below the Saharan desert are included in the Niger-Congo language family. This includes more that a thousand, but the number can not be accurately solved for.

Afro-Asiatic Family

Covering most of the northern part of Africa, and the Middle East, Afro-Asiatic is the most common language as far as religious books go. This includes Hebrew and Arabic.

Dravidian Family

A much smaller language family, merely covering northern Sri Lanka and southern parts of India, it includes four languages and is spoken across 35 million to 70 million people.


This is an example of an isolated language, only spoken in Japan.

Austro-Asiatic Family

Using the Roman alphabet and only found in south east Asia, Vietnamese is the most commonly spoken language in this family.

Austronesian Family

This family includes languages spoken mostly in Indonesia and Madagascar, proving that people had to have migrated at this time.

Altaic Family

Spoken across a 5 mile band of Asia between Turkey and China. Turkish is the most commonly used language in this family.

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