Antihero on Macbeth and How It Relates To An Dystopian Society

Macbeth possess signs of bravery and leadership. Macbeth possess flaws of him being way too easy to manipulate into doing things. A big flaw of Macbeth had was he became to pride full. He did end up becoming king as the three witches promised. He also ends up getting killed. In the movie V for Vendetta there is a dystopian society where everyone follows the rules of the government and they have a perfect society.

The antihero I decided to write about is Joseph Kony. Joseph Kony abducts children and forces them to leave their families at a young age and makes them grow up as soldiers in a harsh environment. If they decided to leave, they would either get tortured shot and killed. Only a few escape from the jungle camp. The “monsters” who he was fighting against were the president, government, and the citizens of its people. He fought back by threatening the government and slowly over a long period of time abducting more kids. Also, he was able to do this because he also had a strong support system. He was successful because nobody was able to stop him and figure out his method.