Heredity is when physical or mental characteristics passed down from one generation to the next.People all around the world have characteristics from their parents.

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Gregor Mendel

Gregor was a man who studied genes and heredity. He experimeted on pea plants. If it wasn't for him we wouldn't have known about heredity.


Genetics for Kids: Why do you look like your parents?

How,when,and where did Gregor Mendel develope heredity?


Gregor Mendel: Gregor Mendel planted green and yellow pea plants he noticed that some appeared in a pattern, some appeared more often than others, some appeared ounce in a while, and some didn't even appear in a whole generation. He also noticed that in the first generation their was no appearance of yellow peas in the second generation their was one out of four in certain generations. This is how Gregor Mendel found out how we get our physical or mental characteristics from our parents.


Gregor Mendel published his great idea in1866.


Gregor Mendel found heredity in Australia