Watauga Weekly

February 8-12, 2016


Monday, Feb 8

Grades pulled at 11:59 pm for Progress Reports

“Oh! Yeah I have to go to work on Mondays and yes every one hates Mondays. But I look at it a little differently. I don’t have to work, I GET to work. I am blessed to have a job while many don’t have one.” Dinky Manuel

Tuesday, Feb 9

District Spelling Bee

Shrove Tuesday - Pancake Lunch

Wednesday, Feb 10

Avid Site-Team Meeting 7:50 am

New Teacher Focus Group 4:00 pm

Thursday, Feb 11

All Day ARDS

Friday, Feb 12



I'll just state AGAIN:

Please DO NOT park in the parking lot behind the Greek Store/ Mrs. Baird's. Mrs. Villegas was called this week in reference to your cars taking up spots. Those spots are needed for customers and attendees of "meetings". You are taking up places and forcing others to have to park elsewhere and awkwardly... (As this request and expectation has been stated several times, I have covered my bases. I did tell Mrs. Villegas to apologize for you and to give the blessing to commence towing if they deem it necessary...)

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TWEETER of the Week:

Thank you to Heather Levingston for her participation in this week's campus Twitter Chat.

You can join each Tuesday at 8:00pm. Questions can be found in the Digital Learning News sent by Mark Thomas each week.

Questions? See Tosh or Christine. (@birdville_DL)


***Weekly Winners park in Houston's spot until June!***

(Don't forget to send Ms. Houston your Twitter handle when you join.)

Future Dates & Info

Monday, Feb 15 - Professional Development

Tuesday, Feb 16 - 6th Gr. Scheduling

Wednesday, Feb 17 - LOL Mtg. 7:30 am

Wednesday, Feb 17 - Choir Pre-UIL @ HHS

Thursday, Feb 18 - All Day ARDS

Friday, Feb 19 - 7th Gr. Scheduling

Tuesday, Feb 23 - Spring Pictures (Science)

Wednesday Feb 24 - FAC 7:30

Wednesday Feb 24 - Site Based Committee Mtg. 4:15

Thursday, Feb 25 - Lab 303 6th Gr. Registration

Friday, Feb 26 - Lab 303 7th Gr. Registration


Wednesday, Mar 2 - Choir UIL @HHS

Wednesday, Mar 2 - Faculty Mtg./Staar Training

Thursday, Mar 3 - IKD

March 7-11 - Public Schools Week

March 7-11, TELPAS Testing

March 7-11 Diagnostician's Week

March 7-11 - Art Show - Special Needs' Adventures in ART

Word WITHIN the Word...

tion (act or state) completion, reaction, devastation, production

loco (place) locomotive, location, local, relocate, dislocate

dox (opinion) orthodox, heterodox, doxology, indoctrinate

amphi (both) amphibious, amphitheater, amphibian

magn (great) Magna Carta, magnanimous, magnate

eu (good) Eucharist, euphony, eulogy, euphemism, Europe

endo (within) endoplasm, endocrine, endoskeleton

phobia (fear) claustrophobia, acrophobia, xenophobia

ortho (straight) orthopedics, orthodontist, orthodox

put (think) reputation, impute, dispute, computer

SRO Steve Gochal is the City of Watauga Police Officer of the 2016 Year!!!

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Cafeteria am - Raynsford

Auditorium am - Speaks

200 Hall am - Robison

300 Hall am - Seale

Warrior Way pm - Strawn

Parking pm - Strittmatter

Sweeper pm - T. Kidd


Huge thanks to all who’ve helped recruit and interview potential AVID students:

Shannon, Mike, Travis Kidd, Robin, David, Angelique, Liz Speaks, Lynn, Mary, Josh, Matt, Travis Irish. Special thanks to Thalia for interviewing, cajoling, promoting, and tedious data-mining. I am blessed to have talented, generous colleagues. ~Margaret~

Shout out to Wesley Eidson!! He's been awesome to work with in my inclusion class. The other day, I had to step outside briefly to talk to another teacher and student. When I was done I went back in expecting to pick up where I'd left off, but he had already finished what I was doing with them! He's truly a self-starter and jumps in wherever he sees a need. The kids already really like him, too. I almost don't know what to do with a true partner teacher! Yay! ~Colleen Zitzman~

Travis Kidd, you da bomb! Thank you for picking up my bench!!! ~Sugey~

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Nicholas Franco’s photo won an Award of Merit in the PTA Reflections contest!