Red-Eared Slider


Red-Eared Sliders

This turtle is greenish with red stripes on the sides of its head. This turtle is from the southern United States, not from Pennsylvania. The turtles came to Pennsylvania through pet owners who no longer want them. The turtles are released into Pennsylvania ponds, lakes, and streams. It is illegal to release turtles bought as pets into Pennsylvania waterways.

Red stripes "ears"


The Red-eared slider turtle is an aggressive turtle which competes for food and space with the native turtles in Pennsylvania. The increasing numbers of these turtles, especially in southeastern Pennsylvania are causing a sound of alarm. These turtles can adapt to many climates. Their increasing population and omnivorous diet is impacting native species.


Wetland: a lowland area, such as a marsh or swamp, that is saturated with moisture, especially when regarded as the natural habitat of wildlife.

There are many ways to help protect wetlands, here are some ways:

  • Land Use Planning
  • Land Conservation
  • Aquatic Buffers
  • Better Site Design
  • Erosion and Sediment Control
  • Watershed Stewardship

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