By: Brendan Akpan

What Body System Is Affected

The body systems that are affected by Eczema are the Integumentary/Skin and Immune system. Eczema is only on the outside of the human body. When someone has Eczema there skin is greatly affected. There normal skin turns into red, swollen, itchy areas.

How The Body Works Normal And Abnormal

People with Eczema their corneal layer performs way worse then a normal person without Eczema. Then the protein filaggrin is not being created at high amounts it supposed to be. Since the body is relying on the filaggrin to uphold the skin layer. Then the proportion of fats change within the skin, which leads to loss of moisture. Then the skin that lost its moisture becomes inflamed and germs and irritant can enter more simply. And people with Allergies and Eczema have it a little different. If you eat something you're allergic to the Immune system detects it and releases antibiotics and leads to inflamed skin. That is called Atopic Eczema.

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Target Population

Eczema affects males and females. There are 31.6 million Americans with Eczema and another 17.8 million with symptoms.Adults with Eczema is at 10.2% which means that most kids aren't growing out of this condition. Kids with Eczema is at 10.7%. Also kids will have a 33% chance to develop another disease. 10-20% of babies will be affect too.

How This Condition Arises

Eczema is usually genetic there are many known reasons what causes this condition. Food is a main source of Eczema, people with Eczema 33% of the time have a food allergy to eggs, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, and dairy. Some chemical products that make Eczema even more atrocious including soap, chlorine, bubble bath, shampoo, and dish washing soap. And if you acquired Eczema form your genes you could react to cats, dogs, mold, and dust mites. And some certain bacteria such as viruses, and fungi.

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To diagnose Eczema the doctor will look in previous family conditions including Asthma and Hayfever. They will also examine your skin and get a better understanding. If any extra stress was recently expressed that could cause flare ups in Eczema. Doctors and Dermatologist can do an allergy to see if there are any foods that cause reactions. But there is no exact test to see if you have Eczema but there are hints.

Signs and Symptoms

Eczema Signs and Symptoms

  • Dry skin

  • Very itchy spots

  • Returning rashes

  • Swelling

  • Sore areas

  • Oozing

  • Tough skin

  • Sensitive skin to the touch

Treatment for this disease/condition

There are no complete treatment for Eczema but there are some things that make it more livable.

  • Use lotion

  • Take Epson baths

  • Maintain fingernails to prevent scratching

  • Acupuncture

  • Humidifiers

  • Be cautious of the foods you might be allergic to.


Yes, the person I know with Eczema is me. And I selected this condition because I wanted to learn more about the whole spectrum of Eczema. I wanted to know why or how I acquired this condition. And also how many other people have Eczema. And I wondered did my allergies and asthma came since I had Eczema? While doing this research that Eczema leads to a lot of extra conditions.