Newsletter of the year

By: Justyce D.

Compare/ Contrast

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Stephen Curry

How it happened

Curry's dad played in the NBA that is what inspired him to play in the NBA. But in college his coach’s did not think he would make it to the NBA. Because they said he was not a true point guard. But he had the resilience to recover from that and play his best. And they said he relied too much on the three point shot and was a weak finisher at the rim. But he had a strong conviction about what he was doing. Stephen curry did not let people tell him what he could do and what he couldn’t. So a couple years later he was the MVP and he prove all the people who doubted him wrong.

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Rosa Parks

How she change the world forever...

After refusing to sit in the back of the bus to a white person she was sent to jail. She had the resilience to keep going. Because black people were not allowed to sit in the front of the bus with white people. But she was tired of listening to white people telling her what to do. She help get rights for black people they have the same rights as white people. Rosa parks inspired everybody to start thinking about black people’s rights. She also got a lot of attention from both sides. One hand she had a lot of people who didn’t like her, bit on the other hand she made people think about black rights. She will always be remembered. She gad a conviction that black people could be better than they were looked at.

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It wasn't easy ....

Allen Iversons life was not easy before he made it to the NBA he had to go through a lot of though situations. Allen was blessed sense he was a kid he was very good at football and basketball. He though he could get his mother out of the hood if he worked hard enough. Allen had a lot of friends sense they knew he was going to make it to the NBA. So one day he went to a bowling alley with his friends and they got into a fight with some white people. So everybody who was there said that Allen did something to them such as hit them. This really put a hold of Allen's future so he went to jail. He was overwhelmed with what was happening. But he mustered up the courage to push through.
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The worlds best.....

Michael Jordan was cut from his basketball team in high school. A lot of people doubted,and thought he would never make it to the pros. Even his own parents thought is was a bad idea to be in the NBA. But he didn't let people chose for his he knew what he wanted to do in life. And even though he cut from the team he complacent with the way things are so he worked harder the next year to make the team and be the best him that he could be. When Michael Jordan's father died he yield from continuing to play basketball and retired.
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My definition of perseverance

My definition of perseverance. Is someone that does not give up easy. Or care what people say about them. Someone that has the attitude to win no matter what. And that never quit no matter what tries tries to stop them. The only way to persevere is to have a love for what you doing. That's the only way you will not give up.

lessons learned

Lessons learned from perseverance? Every is going to persevere through something in there life not matter its losing a job or dealing with a death. The reason every body need to per sever is because if you never work for anything in your life you will never know what working for anything feel like. It brings the worse or the best is some people. So i thing the lesson is that no matter what happens in your life never give up u don't know what around the corner.
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