Soap Lab

By Kelsey and Rachel

Summary of Experiment

Question- Does Tide take out grape jelly, chocolate sauce, or ketchup better?

Hypothesis- We think that chocolate sauce will come out best.

Analysis- From our experiment, jelly came out all the way. The chocolate sauce stain turned light orange, and the ketchup turned dark orange. In order to get a stain out, you need a surfactant. That surfactant is soap. Soap is also an emulsifier.

Conclusion- Our conclusion is that Tide took out the jelly stain, but it did not take out the stain in the chocolate sauce or ketchup completely.

Now What?- A question we have after the experiment is What makes jelly different than chocolate sauce and ketchup?

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Take Away

We learned that pure water cannot clean something that is dirty 100%. It needs a surfactant which is either soap/detergent to kill the oils/grease to get it clean. Soap is an emulsifier. The top is polar while the end is nonpolar. The soap itself is intramolecular and the rest is intermolecular. The polar end is hydrophilic and likes water. Also, the polar end is a dipole dipole. The end is hydrophobic and repels water. The nonpolar end is dispersion. Finally, soap combines water and oil because normally they do not attract to each other.