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January 20, 2023

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Kindness Costs Nothing

Join us for the 33rd Annual Essay Contest to find the kindest person in the KC area! Your student can nominate someone special in their lives for the Kindest Kansas Citian. Rules are simple: the nominee cannot be a relative, younger students (k & 1st grade) can submit a drawing, older students(2nd – 5th) write a one page essay nominating an individual, couple, or group they feel deserves the "Kindest Kansas Citian" distinction. Then a community committee will then select the Top 20 student winners and their nominees to be honored on at our event on Friday, May 5th, 2023 at the Kindest Kansas Citian Awards Celebration.

If your child would like to participate, please complete the entry form found here:

Essay Submission

Please note that all entries must be received by Friday, February 17th.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions!

Fifth Grade Parents

As you consider the enrollment options for your child for middle school it is important to understand the implications for the World Language sequence.

In the middle school years, students may enter the world language sequence in 6th grade only. The next possible entry point is 9th grade. Students who wait until 9th grade can still meet the minimum requirement for most colleges; however, they will not have the option for dual credit. In addition, students who complete the entire world language sequence in middle school will have the option to transfer two world language credits to their high school transcript, which partially fulfills elective requirements.

If you have any questions about these points, please feel free to reach out.

Challenge Accepted

If you are anything like me you see challenging behavior from your child as something they do to push your buttons. However, if I take the time to reframe my thinking I have found that my daughter is actually trying to communicate something to me. I have found the infograph from Big Life Journal as a helpful reminder that my daughter is needing something when she demonstrates such behaviors. Check it out!

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This week the kindergarten classes focused on reporting versus tattling. We are continuing to work on being problem solvers when there is a kid sized problem. The tricky part is deciphering when there is a big problem that needs to be reported. We read Don’t Squeal Unless It’s a Big Deal before we played a game to determine the size of the problem. Each class got confused with the scenarios “He is playing with matches,” and “She has medicine in her backpack.” Please reiterate the message at home that when a student has something that an adult should be in charge of that would be a time to report.

First Grade

The first grader enjoyed a choose your own adventure book called, What Should Danny Do? This is a great book from the Power to Choose series that is fun and interactive. The students are able to lead the main character through decisions that he is faced with in the book and then help him navigate the consequences of that choice. We were able to discuss that each of the choices we are faced with shapes our days and ultimately our lives. This book empowers children to navigate positive choices and shows natural consequences for negative choices.

Second Grade

The second graders were all focused on emotions this week. We watched a fun video that shared some healthy coping strategies that we can utilize when we are feeling any emotion. We also worked on knowing that there are not good or bad emotions, instead having all of the emotions are natural and normal. However, we have to work on self-control when it comes to our reactions to those emotions. After the video, we played a game of four corners in order to share how we can react in a healthy way within a small group.

Third Grade

We had a fun lesson in third grade before break where we identified our personal triggers when it comes to making us angry. During our last lesson we worked on coping skills that we could utilize in order to manage those feeling of anger when we are triggered. We discussed how being angry is completely natural, but we have to learn and practice how to calm ourselves when we have those feelings. We ranked several ideas that would definitely, maybe and not work for each of us. Having the knowledge of what triggers and how to handle anger will benefit students for the rest of their lives.

Fourth Grade

The fourth graders worked on how to take responsibility for their mistakes. We discussed why it is important to take responsibility and what happens when we don’t. The classes created a list of benefits that comes from taking responsibility versus blaming others. We then played an outside/inside circle game to decide who was the “blame bug” and how to zap it with “bug spray” and take responsibility. We learned that every single one of us will make mistakes – lots of them! Mistakes are part of learning. But when we take responsibility for our actions or choices, it shows others that we are working on being responsible humans!

Fifth Grade

The fifth graders became detectives this week. They worked a case where three characters were being interviewed in order to discover who were genuine friends and who were being inconsiderate friends in the group. The students were able to identify how each of these types of friends would respond to certain situations. We then discussed how we can prove ourselves to be genuine friends and have healthy relationships. Instead of blaming others for their shortcomings, I encouraged the students to focus on how to improve their own friendship skills in order to be a loyal friend.

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Food and Clothing Pantry

If you need food or clothing, fill out the anonymous request form. Your items will be delivered to MTE's loading dock within a week. You will create your own ID number on the form, which you'll then use to identify your items in the loading dock. This process is completely anonymous. Please click the link below.

Save on Internet Service

The Affordable Connectivity Program is offering discounts to help with the costs associated with technology. You could qualify for discounts on your internet services and/or a computer. You can enroll at: . See flyer below for more information.

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What are you looking forward to this year?

If you could change one thing about last year, what would it be?

What was your biggest challenge last year?

What would you consider your biggest accomplishment from last year?

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Try some bonding time tonight. Use this activity to connect with your child.

Match My Face

One person makes a smile, frown, or goofy expression, and the other tries to match it. Take turns making and matching each other's faces!

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