Miranda Paul

Writing Workshop for Creative Writing Students

What You Know vs. What You Think You Know: Perspectives on Research and Writing Outside One's Own Culture

Children's author and #WeNeedDiverseBooks campaign team member Miranda Paul will offer insights on the author/character relationship, recognizing personal biases, and the research, collaboration, immersion, and experience needed to write across literal and figurative borders.

This session is geared for student writers of fiction or nonfiction, especially those considering writing books for children and teens or those wanting to write "of witness" stories from cultures or experiences other than their own.

Students can expect to do some workshopping with Miranda Paul, including a self-reflective handout activity followed by discussion, where students will begin to explore the idea of perspective and the meaning of "write what you know."

Mini Writing Workshop for Creative Writing Students

Tuesday, Sep. 23rd, 4:15-6pm

Library 115, SMCM Writing Center