Orange You Glad Spring is Coming!

Orange Bow Ties By EDJ are now ON SALE!

Mr. Flexibility

Add some color to a drab outfit with this Orange and Yellow print 2-in-1 freestyle bowtie.

100% Cotton
Adjustable neck: 14 to 17 inches
Free style

Ready2Wear or Knot Yourself

These Bow Ties Are Now On Sale For ONLY $24.99 (PLUS FREE SHIPPING)

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These bowties are one-of-a kind and in the stores you will not EDJ bowtie like mine!

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Bow Ties By EDJ

Our Bow Ties are designed to be one, and maybe, two of kind. We created BowtiesByEDJ to give you an edge (or as we like to say "EDJe") in men's accessories. Our Bow ties are freestyle, but if you're new to bowties, we've got you covered. At your request, we can ship your bowtie Ready2Wear! We believe every man should wear a bowtie, and not just for formal or important events. Everyday is eventful for a man wearing a Bow Tie By EDJ!