Nuclear Fusion

Patrik Luneau


It is the year 1920 and one of my fellow scientists have found out something remarkable.

What we have discovered

We have discovered that nuclear fusion could be used as power. After Einstein discovered E=mc2, my colleague found out that energy released by fusing nuclei's provides energy for stars

Differences and Similarities

Nuclear Fission: Uses Uranium, and splits nuclei

Both: loses small amount of mass, releases large amount of energy, produces energy

Nuclear Fusion: uses hydrogen, combines nuclei

Safety Precautions

They take a lot of precautions when dealing with nuclear energy. For people they have hazmat suits so they don't get any contact with nuclear. For the whole making it they have big plants which are usually isolated so if they over heat many people won't be in danger.

The New Energy

This new form of energy is very powerful and can provide energy to many cities. If people would stop using fossil fuels and used this regularly we could stop pollution.