Evolution of That Factory Lyfe

By: Marneva and Dhanisha


Factories were very important during the industrial revolution. They helped produced more goods quicker, but factories needed people to work in. Workers had a rough time in the factories. Most of them had to work 14-16 hours a day, 6 days per week. There was no set minimum wage, and factories had no light. Workers had to use sunlight that came through the windows and when they came out the factories there clothes were stained black due to the smoke from the machines.


  • Socially- Peaceful protest for workers to get treated better in factories and keep factories clean
  • Economically- Workers were paid very low so had to work more hours for money
  • Politically- Combination Act(1799 and 1800)-out lawed unions and strikes
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Impacts -Now

Factory reforms help changed the Industrial Revolution by setting restriction to labor and creating less harsh things to workers. Today factories are more clean and safer for workers to work in. This also allowed worker to work less hours for higher wages.

  • Robert Owen- helped create act for workers
  • Factory Act- outlawed children under 9 years old to work
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