Natural Selection

By Amber Purington

Natural Selection Definition

Natural Selection is when those who are the most "fit" will survive, reproduce, and take over an environment. (fit means the ability to reproduce)

Long Legged Lizards

In one ecosystem, at one point in time there were short legged lizards and long legged lizards. The long legged lizards had an easier time climbing. This meant they could avoid floods and get food easier. The short legged lizards couldn't climb very well and they drowned and starved when they couldn't get high in the trees fast enough. The short legged lizards eventually died out in that ecosystem and the long legged lizards thrived.

Who or What Decides Natural Selection?

The environment/ecosystem determines natural selection, A.K.A. who thrives and who dies out.

Why Would Long Legged Lizards Win Over Short Legged Lizards?

Short legged lizards would die out because their legs would be inefficient for the climbing it takes to get their food or run from floods. They would starve and drown and eventually only long legged lizards would be left because these lizards could easily get food and evade floods.