Looking for the right one.

Ideal Spouse Project

First of all: Me

Hello to you people out there. My name is Sophie.

How you probably noticed, I love music. I like listening to it and also doing it myself. I am not too good at it, but it's fun.
I also love to do sports, or at least most kinds of that, but I also like to just hang out and relax from time to time, alone or with friends. I am really interested in history as well.

On the other hand I am not really interested in art and I don't like bacon and eggs (just in case that is a problem).

Yeah that's pretty much me.

And now the important part: You

I don't really have an exact picture of how or who you should be in my mind.
It would be good though, if we had at least some things in common, for example from the hobbies I listed above.

You should have a nice sense of humor, so that we both can laugh a lot together. Otherwise I just want you to be able to understand what I want and what you want.

Please take this seriously, if you are responding. I am not into the "gender roles", so don't even try to make me do everything at home or stay home from work.

I am not really religious, but I don't have a problem if you are and I would also adapt your religious values.

If interested...

If... If you are really interested in meeting me or get to know me better, contact me over the information below me and tell me something about yourself and why you would think we would fit good together.
I am very happy about everybody who messages me seriously. And even if it is not enough for a relationship... Perhaps we can build a friendship through this :)