Video Games

Jonathan Perry


The evolution of consoles has had a great impact on the world of video gaming. The first ever console was the Brown Box which made its debut July 17, 1970. It was a bulky wooden box with two controllers which were smaller than the console but, still bulky. The Brown Box is referred to as "The Father of Video Game Consoles" (Poh 2). Now, there are more than 70 different video game consoles in today's society. Microsoft released this information in a 2005 press conference and said "Microsoft's 7th generation console is the Xbox 360. The system runs on a three-core Power-PC-based CPU to better render game physics and graphics" (Time Inc. 1). The creator of the Brown Box, Ralph Baer, never thought that the video game industry could create such an invention in his lifetime!


Throughout the 51 years of console gaming, the past 30 years have changed video gaming history due to the changes made to the graphics. Graphics have come from 8-bit single plane games to 3-D multi-plane, digitized worlds. According to S.W. Hampson "The results are fantastic as we are able to recreate damaged race cars, facial expressions, and complex urban environments in a way that seemed impossible a decade ago!" (1). There are many types of graphics. There are sprites, digitized, full motion video, pre-rendered, blocky models, and texture mapping. Digitized is the most used. The creators of Mortal Kombat made this type of graphic resolution popular by capturing movements and actions of an actor and rendered them into the gaming world (Hampson 4)


To play any game on any console, your going to need a controller. "The design of a video game controller should not be taken lightly... Despite the importance of the video game controllers, it is the most neglected aspect of video game" (Lu 2). The controller is a necessity if you are to play a game, whether its a keyboard, joystick, or an actual hand held controller. Without the controller, you have a lifeless, in reality and virtually, character on your TV or computer screen. There are many types and brands of controllers too, for instance Playstation has the Dual Shock controllers, Microsoft has the Xbox 360 controller, and Nintendo has the Nun-chuck with the Cookie accessory. A controller with major improvements was made in 2005. The Xbox 360 controller went from being the worst controller to one of the best controllers in the gaming industry. (Lu 18).


None of the video games would have been created, let alone thought of, if there weren't any companies. According to Don Mattrick, CEO of Microsoft, and Guy W. Longworth, CEO of Sony, companies like Nintendo, Sony, Bungie, Capcom, and Rockstar are in their list of all time top companies (1). Companies are an important "process" in the video game process. The companies have to first come up with an idea for a game. This includes plot, characters, settings and so forth. Then the idea has to be brought up to the developers. If they decide to pass the game through it is taken to designers. The designers job is to engineer the physics of the game. They do the graphics, the render capability, character, and much more. However, the gaming industry isn't looking too bright as of 2012. "The highest profile recent failure was the collapse of THQ, which not too long ago was the the gaming industry's third largest publisher... the next generation of consoles isn't the sure bet it once was" (Morris 1). This could possibly lead to the collapse of many other, large or small, video game companies.

Video Game Effects

There are thought and rumors that people who play video games are considered lazy and not educated properly. Recently thought, the research area's on video game effect on behavior are steadily inclining due to the number of adults, teens, and children who currently play these games. "Some people believe violence in video games and in other media promotes violent behavior among viewers" (Kardaras 1). There isn't any real information, but studies do show increased behavior and emotional outbreaks do happen. whether your playing a mildly-aggressive game or a highly aggressive game, studies show that the hostility level increases in the subjects (Kardaras 1). A big controversy in gaming news lately is the game Grand Theft Auto 5. This game is said to be one of the worst games Rockstar North has ever developed while other might argue that it is the best game the company has come out with.

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