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September 26, 2018

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Principal's Message

We hope this newsletter finds everyone well this month. Please take time to read all of the information in this newsletter each month. There is always a lot of information, so refer to this if you have any questions. If the newsletter doesn't answer your question, please call the office or email your child's teacher.

Morning Arrival - PLEASE follow the rules for morning drop-off. We are having issues with parents not following procedures and there are many upset parents and students, which is not a good or safe way for anyone to start their day. A map is also attached below for your convenience.

  • THERE ARE TWO LANES IN THE CAR RIDER LINE on the South side of Geffert Wright. When you enter the car rider line, GO TO THE SHORTEST LANE. If you choose to stay in the longer line, do not block parents who try to go to the shortest line. At the end of the car rider line, cars will merge into one lane as they cross over Geffert Wright into our front parking lot. Once in the parking lot, it is one lane, and cars need to pull up as far as possible before stopping to allow children to unload.
  • THERE IS NO PARKING ANYWHERE IN OUR CAR RIDER LINES. Do not put your car in park at any time when in the car rider line. When you park, cars cannot get around you. The two lanes must be moving so there are no gaps in the line to get cars off of Geffert Wright.
  • When students get out of the car, tell them to have an amazing day, and you have a great day, too!!!

Afternoon Dismissal - With our afternoon car rider line, at times, there will be gaps in the line by the front door, and that's okay. There are parents who come in to pick up students for illness, emergency, etc., and that extra space can come in handy with limited parking. Please remember that we are all working to get your children home safe, and please be kind to one another.

Just a few reminders for your information:

  • We have a monthly feedback form included in our newsletter. In an effort to improve our practices at Vogel, we are seeking feedback from parents. There are opportunities to share ways to improve, share strengths, and to share kudos to staff. This feedback form will be in every newsletter and on our webpage each month. Thank you for taking time to support Vogel Intermediate!

  • Please call your child's teacher if you need assistance with anything. They are always your first line of communication, and can typically answer your questions better than anyone else. :)

Tara Vandermark

Car Rider Line Map

Car rider line and turning into our parking lot can be tricky. There is NO RIGHT TURN off of Geffert Wright Drive into the school parking lot. In order to get into our parking lot, please click on the map to the right and use the following directions:

· As you are driving West down Geffert Wright Drive from Hanna Road, you will have to drive PAST the school. After you pass the school, you will take your first left which will lead you to a road outside of the transportation building. You will need to follow this road to the end, where you will curve around left. At the intersection, you can drive straight into our Vogel parking lot

· As you are driving East down Geffert Wright Drive from Maplewood Drive, you will need to take your second right which will lead you to a road outside of the transportation building. You will need to follow this road to the end, where you will curve around left. At the intersection, you can drive straight into our Vogel parking lot.

Safety is our first priority. Please follow these directions and be patient especially at drop off and pick up times to help maintain a safe and orderly environment at our school. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

Thank you!

Anonymous Alerts

Safety and security are of the utmost importance to Conroe ISD. In an effort to provide more options for reporting safety concerns, the District is introducing Anonymous Alerts®, an app that will work alongside our long-standing, anonymous KidChat hotline.

The Anonymous Alerts® app can be downloaded for free on a smartphone and allows students and parents to quickly, easily, and anonymously report student safety issues to the appropriate officials. Anonymous Alerts® also provides opportunities for secure two-way encrypted communication with the school and District personnel receiving the messages. Like the KidChat hotline, the Conroe ISD Police Department will also be monitoring submissions through Anonymous Alerts®.

Download the app by simply scanning one of the QR codes with your phone. Click on the above picture to enlarge the QR code. The login is conroeisd.

T-Shirt Orders

T-shirt orders are due this week. Please go to to order your shirt. If you would like to pay by cash or check, you can get an order form from the front office.

The directions to create a School Cash Online account are at the link below.

Fall Pictures are this Wednesday

Fall pictures are Wednesday, September 26. Don't forget to bring your order form and your smile!!

Counselors' Corner

Please find at the attached link lots of great information from our amazing counselors, including upcoming events, parent meetings, and student council news!

Vogel PTO News

Did you know that all Vogel Texan parents are members of the PTO? There aren't any dues. All you do is provide contact information to receive updates and volunteering information! Our meetings are scheduled for the second Tuesday of the month at 10am at Vogel. Our next meeting is scheduled for October 9. We reach out with information through the Tumbleweed Press, emails and our Facebook page. The Vogel PTO can be reached at if you have any questions or concerns.

Here is some important information for you.

  • Our next meeting is Tuesday, October 9, at 10:00 am. We hope to see you there!
  • Our World's Finest Chocolate Fundraiser is in full swing! We are on track to have record sales this year! The fundraiser runs through Monday, October 1. Thank you for your amazing support!
  • We have a spirit night coming up at SK8 Town! We hope to see everyone at SK8 Town on October 18 from 6:00-8:30PM
  • Bring your BoxTops!! Our goal is $1500 in BoxTop collections. Please send in any BoxTops to Vogel, and we have a BoxTops club that helps prepare those for submission. There are some fun contests coming up, so help your class win the prize for most BoxTops submitted. Money raised from BoxTops will be used to buy Playaways - Books on Audio.
  • The PTO also organizes the Vogel yearbook. We need your help in getting #simplythebest pictures for the latest edition. make sure to get some award-winning shots from those big cameras. the photos downloaded from phones aren't always the greatest resolution, and it is sometimes hard to enlarge them without losing clarity. We may even have a yearbook page dedicated to picture credits or even a photo contest!
  • The Yearbook is now on sale!! The cost is $25 until November 16. After that, the price will go up. To order a yearbook, go to and enter Dolly Vogel to start the process.

There are many opportunities to get involved at Vogel and we look forward to working with you to make this a fantastic school year! Thank you for your time and enjoy this next adventure!

Best regards from the 2018-2019 Vogel PTO Board

Jessica Longeway - President

Amy Reneau - Vice President

Jaclyn Burket - Treasurer

Stephanie Bell - Secretary

Tiffany Russell - Parliamentarian

Debbie Wilson - Yearbook Coordinator

Diana Martinez - Yearbook Assistant

Jamie Turner - Student Appreciation Coordinator

Kristie Myers - Co-Teacher Events Coordinator

Neha Saluja - Co-Teacher Events Coordinator

Valerie Brennan - Volunteer Coordinator

Tina Reyna - Spirit Night Coordinator

Early Release on Friday, Oct. 5, and no school on Monday, October 8

Students will be released from school at 1:00pm on Friday, October 5. Please make arrangements for your child on this day.

Monday, October 8, is a school holiday. School will resume on Tuesday, October 9.

Clubs Updates

Please see most updated club list attached. If you participate in a club, please plan on being at school in plenty of time to be at the selected club by 8:00am. The car rider line can be busy during club drop off, so plan accordingly. Refer to this link for any updates that occur.

Teacher Websites - CANVAS information

Parents, Our teachers have websites that parents can access for information regarding assignments and upcoming events. We do know, however, that Canvas can be difficult to access. Please see the attachment for detailed information on how to access the teachers' Canvas webpages.

Medications at school

Students are not allowed to bring any medications to school themselves. A parent MUST bring medications and sign it in to the clinic with the nurse. If you have specific questions about medication, please contact Mrs. Gohlke at 832-663-4309.

Great Things are Happening at Vogel!!

Upcoming Events - September


26 - Fall Pictures

28 - Fundraiser ends


1 - 6th Grade Feeder Choir Concert - ORHS - 7pm

4 - Fall Choir Concert - 7pm - Vogel cafeteria

5 - End of the 1st nine weeks

5 - Early Release at 1:00pm

8 - No school

9 - PTO Meeting

12 - Author Visit - Haddix

17 - Fundraiser Rewards - BMX Bike Show

18 - Spirit Night at SK8 Town - 6:00-8:30

22 - Start of Red Ribbon Week

27 - 6th Choir Solo Choir Competition - Clark Intermediate

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Tara Vandermark

Assistant Principals

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