Stake Hitch

Dallas, Texas

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Stake Hitch was commissioned by the Dallas Museum of Art in Dallas, Texas. Claes Oldenburg was the created of Stake Hitch. It was installed in to the Dallas Museum of Art in April 23-28, 1984. In August 2001 it was removed from the museum. Oldenburg started making Stake Hitch in 1981 and it was finished in 1984.

Artist Statement

A challenge the had was putting the rope in the vault. The stake was made to represent a railroad stake. The rope was made to represent a tornado wrapping around the stake. They got the name Stake Hitch because the same knot was described in Ashley's Book of Knots. Stake Hitch was put in the architecture part of the museum.
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My Opinion

I like his sculpture because it is big and simple. Also because it goes through two floors of the museum. It is interesting how he combined two objects that do not go together and made a good sculpture. I like how he used the color red to catch peoples eyes and get their attention. I like how he connected the rope to the ceiling.