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Disney Sweatshops

Kids in Bangladesh are working everyday making the stuffed animals on your dresser and the clothes in your closet. On top of that they aren't being treated the way they should be. They are being slapped and punched because they aren't working fast enough. Also, they are forced to work 14 hrs a day, 100 hrs a week, and are forced to work 35-42 hrs overtime. They get only one day off a month at most and they usually only get 4-5 hrs of sleep per night. Four workers share one small hut to sleep in. Sewers get paid $.11-.20 an hr making $5.28 a week. Helpers in the workshop get paid $.7-.8 an hr making only $3.16 a week. Workers are paid $.5 for each garment they make and they are always paid two weeks late. If they are caught speaking one dats wages are gone. If they ate late three times another days wages gone. If workers talk back or try to talk about their legal rights they will be beat and two days wages will be gone. They have no sick days, no doctor, and no health insurance. Also, they have filthy drinking water. Workers say they are threatened to lie about their working conditions and that they have no life, no hope, and they only live to work.

Liu Pan

Liu Pan was only 17 years old when he was crushed and killed by a machine in a Disney sweatshop. Liu had an older sister who talked about him. She said that their parents were strict with him and that once he fell in love with someone but when his father found out he was not happy and made him stop. Liu had worked on that factory for two tear prior to the accident so he wow only fourteen or fifteen when he started working. Liu pan was not the only thing that got crushed all of his hopes and dreams for his future went down with him.

How can YOU help?

We can all help stop people from getting hurt by restricting your purchases of Disney products. This can help because Disney won't make as much money and they might end up making less of what they have been making. This will lead to the kids not having working as hard. You also could send a letter to Disney stating that you are not happy with what they are doing. This can help because they want every customer they have and they also don't want people getting the word out about their child labor factories.
Disney Sweatshops
Chinese Workers in Disney's World (Part I)


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