Civilian Conservation Corps

What is the CCC?

The CCC is a public work relief program that operated all around the United States under military control for unemployed men from relief families originally in New Deal.
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What did the CCC do?

The CCC planted nearly 3 billion trees, constructed more than 800 parks nationwide, upgraded most state parks, updated forest fire fighting methods, and built a network of service buildings and public roadways.
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Where was the CCC in the U.S and who would be able to work in CCC?

There were CCC camps in every state in the U.S, and each state had more that 1 camp. The people that worked at CCC were young men at ages of 18-23, but then expanded to 17-28.
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CCC Camp Life

CCC Camp Life

CCC today

The CCC only lasted 9 years (1933-1942), but made a large impact. If the CCC was around today then we would be having them help fight water pollution by raising awareness to the problem, filtering the water to clear away pollutants, cleaning up litter from on the beach, protesting against large scale pollution, and helping save animals after oil spills.

Why was the CCC created?

To help improve the environment for future generation, and to help with pressing issues in nature.