Newsletter 22 August 2022

St Joseph's Catholic School Onehunga


Over the next few weeks your child will be learning about 'Church' during Religious Education.

The focus and goals of this strand vary and develop year by year as your child's faith journey evolves; from 'Church – Belonging' to 'Church - The Teaching Church.'

Some things you can do at home to support your child are:

  • talk about how belonging to your family-whanau is important because you care for – manaaki and show aroha for each other
  • Remind your child that one of the most important things that the Church does is worship God, ie pray, give thanks and glory to God
  • take part in a parish activity which helps and serves others
  • have a box for family members to collect clothing, toys, etc which can be passed on to the St Vincent de Paul outlet
  • talk about the role of the Bishop in our diocese and the role of the Pope in the world today as the head of the Catholic Church
  • Talk about people who are involved in the teaching ministry in the Church in Aotearoa New Zealand today

Family Whanau book

In the life-long process of the Education-in-Faith of a person, many people and groups have a formative role. Each role has a part to play in the whole process. As whanau you have an important role to play. The faith and Gospel values that are first learnt at home are reinforced at school and in the parish. The family-whanau nurtures the development of faith and spirituality within their children as they grow.

All families are encouraged to use the Family Whanau book which provides information to support the Religious Education programme in the home.


Students across the school have been focusing on "My Faith, My responsibility to Care" in their Inquiry learning this term.

Students in Room 8 have developed their questioning and subsequent learning around the impacts of Global warming.

Julia Flores explains for us what global warming is in the video below....

Global Warming
We want our students to know that what they do can make a difference, that they can make an impact as a young guardian of God’s Earth, and that they are creative innovative active problem solvers.

Room 8 has been creating mini Compost's using 2 litre bottles that they have recycled. In these they have plated tomato seeds, for their whanau's to plant at home. Perfect for summer salads.

See Julia Cudicio's explanation of this below, you may like to create this at home.


SJS Junior Playground Fundraiser results

A huge thank you to all our parents, families and school staff for the great support shown towards our PTFA fundraiser last month.

An amazing $11,607 was raised which was an amazing effort, and goes to show what we can do when we all work together.

All of the funds raised will go towards a new junior playground (see plans below) for our beautiful children.

We congratulate our prize winners:

Pio Lefai, Sarah Takoma, Malik Kainiu, Sione Haapai, Nana Schollum, Ian Whittaker, Adam Scott, Daniel, Kaydence Ngutu, Ashish Nepana and Michael Lemafa.

The following student prizes were also awarded:

Room 3 - for raising the highest amount

Jordan Fifita (Room 3) - for being the top fundraiser

Ella-Rose Ah-Kuoi (Room 2) - for being the runner-up top fundraiser

Special mentions go to:

Eli Ng Wun (Room 3), Tomaakina Marsters (Room 3), Skyte Autaua (Room 4), Ataela Marsters (Room 8) and Hudson Hoyt (Room 7).

We would like to acknowledge all of our prize sponsors: Rachel Brown, Mani Mataupu and work colleagues, Liva/Laloni family, Treena and James Hardie, Massey family, Francis Fa’alili and Foodstuffs, Vagavao family, Asic Dress Smart and Moana Connect.

Thank you to you all and God bless you for your generosity and love shown to our school.

Russia Vagavao

PTFA Chairperson

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Open Days

Is your 4 year old due to start school? Come along with your child to our Open Days for school initiation and parent sessions.

Book via school office 6368102 or

This is an opportunity to welcome our new students as they begin their school learning journey, and their families, both those who are joining the St Joseph’s School community for the first time or those of you bringing another of your children to start at SJS.

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Board Elections Parent and Staff Elections Declaration

At the close of nominations, 12 August 2022 @ 12pm, the number of valid Parent

nominations was fewer than the number of vacancies required to be filled.

I hereby declare the following duly elected:

Parent representatives

Maleta Tousoon

Evan Shewchuk

Shani Hatitio

John Vea

Staff Representative

Pauline Calvert

Kind Regards

Mrs Melanie Duarte

Returning Officer

Upcoming Events

  • Open Day - 23 August
  • Chess - 24 August
  • Piano lessons - 25 and 26 August
  • School Reconciliation - 26 August
  • DAFFODIL DAY - 26 August
  • Chess - 31 August
  • Piano lessons - 1 and 2 September
  • Priests visit - 2 September

Daffodil Day - Friday 26 August

Dress in Yellow.

GOLD COIN DONATION - raising money for Cancer Research


We welcome enrolments for 2022. If you have a child or know of a child due to start school in 2022 please ensure they are enrolled. It is essential we know who is wanting to join our school whanau and when.

Enrolment packs are available from the school office or can be downloaded from the school website.

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Follow this guidance to help keep children and whānau stay healthy during the winter months.

Provide children with healthy and nutritious food to eat. Healthy eating supports immunity and helps our bodies to work well and feel good.

Food, activity and sleep – Ministry of Health

Support children to get enough sleep. Sleep is important for restoring energy, maintaining mental and physically wellbeing, learning, and aiding healthy growth and development.

Helping young children sleep better – Ministry of Health

Encourage and create opportunities for children to be active. Being active at home, at school, at play during the weekends and in the community helps children maintain good health and wellbeing.

Activities for children and young people – Ministry of Health

It is a good idea to encourage children to play outdoors – they just need to be dressed warmly during the winter months!

Being outdoors helps to boost children’s immune systems through exposure to fresh air and enables them to make vitamin D from exposure to the sun.


The impact of COVID to employment has lead to challenging times for many families.

If you or anyone you know wants some advice or support over this time here are some options that might be useful.

Work and Income services centres are closed, however you can apply for assistance via MyMSD or phone the contact centre on 0800 559 009.

If you need some assistance with food these food banks may be able to help out;

  • Auckland City Mission, City 09 303 9200
  • Salvation Army Royal Oak 09 639 1103
  • Vinnies Auckland, Newton 09 815 6122 or 0800 6800
  • Hope Centre, New Lynn 02108048436
  • Vision West, Glen Eden (Mon, Wed, Fri only) 09 818 0716

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This is what the app looks like on either the PlayStore (for Android phones) or the App Store (for iPhones). Please download it if you haven’t done so already.