Cordelia Hills Update


Message from the Principal

Welcome Back!: Welcome back and Happy New Year! We are so excited to get back into the swing of things! In reviewing teacher plans and newsletters, it is clear our staff is ready to hit the ground running. Thank you for your endless support of our school and please reach out if you have any questions!

District Calendar: The 2019-2020 calendar is out. Check it out here. Please do your best to plan vacations, appointments, times away from school around the school calendar. We need every student here everyday that they are healthy.

School Climate Committee Updates

Multicultural Day Planning Meeting: Thank you to the parents that attended our first planning meeting. We brainstormed and talked through a few different organizational ideas. Our next meeting will be January 8th at 4:30 in the library. I hope you can attend!

Watchdogs meeting Postponed: There is a delay in the arrival of WATCHDOG materials and supplies. The meeting on the 16th is postponed. I will send out an update and specific email related to WATCH Dogs once I know the updated arrival date of our materials.

Stand Up to Bullying Wednesdays Wear Blue on Wednesdays to show your support for bullying awareness and prevention. Let's make this a Wednesday tradition.

Upcoming Dates/Events

1/8: Multicultural Planning Day, 4:30, library

1/11: Student of the Month Lunch for December (TK-1st @ 11:15, 2-3 @ 11:50, 4-5 @ 12:30)

1/11: Incredibles 2 @ 6:00 p.m. All families welcome.

1/21: No School in Observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day

FSUSD 2018-2019 School Calendar HERE - Please plan your days away from school around the calendar - Attendance is critical!

ALL SCHOOL SPIRIT DAYS are on FRIDAYS! Show your Coyote love and wear your CHE Swag!

Staying Up-to-date with our Cordelia Hills PTA

Membership drive is on. Check out the details below!

PTA Webpage:

PTA Calendar:

Additional Resources for Parents

Cordelia Public Library--Did you know!

The Cordelia Public library is a wealth of resources. They include tutoring and sensory reading time for students with more intense sensory need. Check out the website!