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Bobcat Career Spotlight

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Meredith Bowden




Exercise Science


Perry, Georgia

A little bit about your background (internships, jobs etc.)

· I am a Presidential Scholar at GCSU

· I work as a Supplemental Instructor for Exercise Biochemistry with The Learning Center

· I have been a peer mentor for the Emerging Leaders program for 2 years

· I served as the Fundraising Coordinator for the first ever Hunger Project at Georgia College, raising $12,500 to feed 50,000 children in the local community

· I have been involved with the leadership programs at Georgia College since my freshman year having completed Emerging Leaders, LCP, and currently the GEM Program

· I am earning my bachelor's in Exercise Science and aspire to continue my education by attending physical therapy school.

· I studied abroad in Belize with the Georgia College Exploring Health Perspectives Program. Belize allowed me to realize my passion for international healthcare and influenced my plans for the future to found an organization that expands rehabilitation services to unreached areas across the world.

When do you expect to graduate from GC?

December 2015

How did the career center help you succeed?

Not only has the career center completely transformed my high school resume into a mature and sophisticated professional resume, they have assisted me in writing essays for scholarships and selection committees, as well as prepared me for many interviews. The Career Center's ability to critique my strengths and weaknesses has allowed me to maximize my potential and encouraged me to seek out more opportunities without fear of being rejected. I was recently accepted to intern in Cape Town, South Africa at the most prominent pediatric orthopedic hospital for May-Aug 2015. This life-changing opportunity would not have been possible without the assistance of the Career Center, and I cannot thank them enough for their support.

What advice do you have for students?

College is the absolute best time to focus on who you are and what you want to become. I wish that more people would develop the mindset that there is no limit to the possibility of what they can do with their lives. Do you want to win the Nobel Peace Prize? Do it. Do you want to be the next Steve Jobs? You can. In fact, you can do anything you set your mind to, as long as you have enough nerve and persistence. Have a great group of people that surround you and hold you accountable for the goals you set for yourself and more importantly, believe in you. Life's greatest lessons are learned through experience. In the words of the great John Bowen, "Never become so concerned with your education that you forget to learn."

In With the Interns

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Julie Coppedge

In with the Interns: The first week as an Intern

Julie Coppedge, Senior, Accounting

Internship Location - Howard, Moore & McDuffie (Accounting Firm)

What was your first week as an Intern like?

I was so nervous about the first couple of days at my internship, because I had never had an internship before this semester. I was expecting to be jumping right into the world of public accounting, but they actually gave me a few days to learn how things at the firm work before putting me to work. I trained on the billing software as well as the tax software, and was given "dummy returns" to do for practice. By the end of the first week though, I was already doing auditing procedures for one of the clients.

Were you prepared for the first day?

I felt both prepared and unprepared for the first day of my internship. I was prepared because I had filled out all of the paperwork before hand, and knew what kind of outfit I needed to wear so that I followed the dress-code of the firm. But, since I had never done an internship before, I wasn't sure how to really do any of the accounting work yet. When you are in the classroom, you learn the foundations of whatever degree you are pursuing. I knew about tax codes and laws, but I had never actually practiced doing a real person's taxes. I knew that I would learn all of that in the internship though!

What prepared you the most for the internship?

What prepared me most for my internship was talking to my professors, as well as the wonderful staff at the Career Center! I also have a mentor through the GEM Program that is a CPA in the public accounting profession. I have had multiple meetings with him about what to expect at an accounting internship, and I really feel like he prepared me well. I also have some wonderful friends here at GC who have done internships in the past, and they allowed me to pick their brains for a few months before I started my internship. I probably asked a million questions to my friends, professors, mentor, and the ladies at the Career Center, but that's honestly what prepared me the most!

What advice would you tell students currently looking for an internship?

My advice for students would be to first stop by the Career Center. They are ALL KNOWING about internships both near and far, and if you just stop in and ask, they will definitely have a few places that you can look in to! Also, ask your friends! It never hurts to inquire what other students in your major are doing and who they are interning for or who they have interned for in the past. Also, look on your own. If you think of any major company, they probably have an internship program! I can Google one of the big 4 accounting firms or Chick-Fil-A and find a direct link to their internship applications. It's wonderful to have options, so make sure you look at a lot of different places!

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MarineMax (Buford, GA)

#7529 Project Administrator

Horizon Construction (Alpharetta, GA)

#7523 Content Writer/Media Analyst

Country Club Prep (Atlanta, GA)

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#7538 Internal Audit Internship

UPS (Atlanta, GA)

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Thiele Kaolin (Sandersville, GA)

#7506 Advancement & Marketing Intern

Tattnall Square Academy (Macon, GA)

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