Pre 1900 space astromer



His full name is Claudius Ptolemy.


He did not make any major discoveries but he wrote his own books about the solar system between 83AD and 168AD.He tried to calculate the distances of the objects that orbit Earth.In his books he rote about stars planets and constellation.
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Ptolemy was and astronomer,Mathematician and geographer.In astronomy he is best known for his publication Almagest and it is also called mathematical syntaxis. This book was 13 volumes that include a star catalogue with 48 constellations with names in it that we still uses to this day.Ptolemy used his own observations to build a geocentric model to explain the moments of the sun and planets.


People belived all his discoveries for thousands of years in till technology advanced. He gave us a idear what the solar system is like.He named some of the objects in out of space.

Interesting facts

He was born in Egypt in a Greek settlement and he was Roman.he lived in the city of Alexandria.