OCPL Weekly Update

April 2, 2015

ALL STAFF MEETING: May 15th, 9-5 p.m. (Save the Date)

Mahan Library

I ordered some new books this month in categories Mahan patrons like. Most of them have either recently been published or will be published soon. It was interesting looking at the numbers and "drilling down" to see exactly what the patrons are interested in.

Thanks to Vicki N. for sending a big list of barcodes for books being moved out of Reference into Adult Nonfiction, and thanks to Gerri for putting on the barcodes and shifting the section around. Hopefully, it won't be too much longer before the Reference books still remaining are withdrawn. I talked to a patron today who has taken a lot of our withdrawn books in the past, and he's going to get back with me.

Thanks to Elizabeth for bringing it several items for Wacky Wednesday, including a curling iron and a packet of artificial sweetener. Definitely wacky!

Well, by this time next week. we will know whether or not the UK basketball team has achieved a perfect season. (If you're not up on UK basketball, I'm sure Jeanne will be happy to fill you in.)



We have a problem with our "dry" sprinkler system. It is leaking air. So Paul and the sprinkler mechanics have been accessing the deep recesses of the ceiling and attic (I had no idea there was an attic!). This involves ladders and flashlights and some falling ceiling tile. They may have to work in the drive-through lane later in the week.

The Friends' Book Sale Room helped me provide a patron with 74 discarded books to be used for a craft with Crestwood Elementary students. They will use the hardback covers as a background for a story told with upcycled materials. She'll have the students make one for the library, picture to follow.

We have had huge donations of paperback cozy reads. I love it!! Our uncataloged paperback section will get a sorely-needed overhaul. When appropriate I've been filling in series donations and adding the series to our collection. Thanks for your help with this Tech Services. Our patrons will love the new additions.

Wacky Wednesday has been a big hit here. Lots of participants old and young. Great idea, Julie! I'll be off tomorrow and am working Saturday.


Main Circ & Teens

Thanks for everyone's participation in both "Wacky Wednesday" and the "Book Bracketology: Character Clash" (which is still going, of course). The patrons seem to appreciate us doing fun things like this. Hope you're all getting good feedback, too. Special thanks to all my great helpers who helped me come up with ideas, setting up and the night crew for unexpectedly cleaning up--that was a nice surprise this morning!

Don't forget to take patron pictures with the iPads when you sign people up for new library cards. It is really easy and takes great pictures. If you don't know how to do it, ask someone with iPad savvy at your branch.

Next Week for Teens:

Drop-In Spring Crafts on Tuesday from 2-5 pm at Main in the Teen area. Going to be a low-key week with Spring Break, but hope that lots of kids will be in to check out books. I know SOMS is distributing information to their students about audio books and checking out through our Overdrive, in case you get questions about that.


South Oldham Library

Things that make you go hmmm....

While weeding and shifting non-fiction, I came across a book on knights published in 1989. Seemed like a good candidate for an update. Take a look at what I found when I opened it. (Guess those pages weren't important ones!)

The "Hooked on Phonics" bandit has struck again!!! It's Saturday and as I'm pulling a book for a request, I notice another empty box on top of the religion section, ironically enough!

Thanks to Oleta for suggesting that we create a shelf marker that instructs patrons to ask for "Hooked on Phonics" at the desk. Great idea! It's a shame it has come to this. By the way, I know I need to change the shelf labels! Just waiting for the completion of the big shift!


Big image
Big image


Don't forget that we are having regular Toddler Times next week at all of the branches. We are having special spring break story times next week and are asking patrons to sign up online so that we know how many children to expect: http://www.oldhampl.org/children.htm.

Also next week, we have Drop-in Legos on Tuesday at Main from 2-3:30. We also have a Drop-In craft and Echinacea (Purple Coneflower) planting event on Wednesday. The seeds were harvested from our own purple coneflowers and the children will plant them, a master gardener will grow them in her greenhouse and then they will be transplanted at the Glen, a new conservation park in LaGrange.

This week we have been having Easter Egg hunts at Story Time and the kids have had great fun.



Work in the new digital media lab progresses! We have a tentative schedule set up for it now and have a soft opening planned for the week of the 13th. This means we'll be inviting patrons & staff in that week to work on specific projects. If you have something you'd like to work on, please let me know! Photographing objects, recording a story, editing photos, video greeting cards, converting LPs, etc.

Looking forward to the author event at Mahan on Thursday- Author Ashlee Clark Thompson will be talking about her new book "Louisville Diners" at 6:30pm on April 2nd.


Tech Services

No news this week. Have a great weekend.

Vicki Niehaus


I found this picture on the Internet and just had to send it along with my wishes for a blessed Easter to everyone. (well, I don’t know if everyone knows but I am an admirer of rabbits. Just can’t get enough of these cuddly creatures.) This fellow was termed a Chinese “Magic Bunny” Very rare in the mountains of China.You tell me – is this an April Fool prank or is it real? It is cute anyway.

Ha ve a great holiday and lay off the jellybeans!


Network & IT notes

Well it has started the first Windows 7 Circ is out there, and the next one might be coming your way soon.

South also has their fax line in so no more crawling on their knees to fax they can now use their spiffy copier like the rest of you all.

I preach about cleaning computers, only because dust is the number one killer of computers, it really needs to be done to ALL computers and be done the properly, it is not hard, just blow out the front and the back fans on the CPU as best as you can, disinfect the keyboard and mouse, and wipe off the screen with the special screen wipes, that's it. Please see picture below of how I can tell a computer has not been cleaned in a while. :) No doubt it wasn't functioning properly, poor computer.

Also see below some of the new items of cloth that have been ordered through our new person in Goshen.

By the way kudos to Julie and the rest of the staff for a awesome Wacky Wednesday, it was a lot of fun, and the patrons young and young at heart really got into it, that was so neat. (Even the postal lady was concerned about the yelling in the library.) Can not wait to see what you all come up with next.

Trisha (the IT Department)