Canada In 2050!

What is in store for Canada?


Canada has know to be a very giving and generous country. It's home to many immigrates as well as refugees. It's peaceful and the country won't force warship on you, these are just some of the reason we have so many people interested in immigrating to Canada.

Is this really a good thing though?

Canada is a big country but it isn't populated that's why we offer a lot to interest immigrants but what if we over populate? Some Provinces/Territories are more appealing to immigrate then others so we might over populate in the southern areas!

First Nations and Métis also populate the country but what will happen to them?


Canada's birth rates is steadily increasing. In 2050 -if we keep on populating at this rate- we will have more births than deaths. We have about a hundred thousand more births then deaths in Canada.

I think that if Canada's birth rate keeps increasing at this pace, Canada's birth rate might actually increase and surpass the death rate more than it already has!

Since we still haven't reached the population limit of Canada and there is much more development needed, Canada is asking for more immigrants even if they are decreasing the number of immigrants needed we're still going to have an increase.

Canada has a healthy environment but cancer is 30% of the reason of deaths in Canada! That's a lot! If this pattern also continues we will probably in the middle over over populating our country by the 50's. This may seem odd of a reason since that's increasing deaths but Canada has more reason to invite immigrants.


Immigration rate is obviously going to start decreasing since the Canadian immigration system is getting more strict, we're also having issues with people not wanting to settle with in the northern areas in Canada.

Since the Immigration rate is going to decrease we're not going to have many people coming in but America is a close country to Canada so the residence in the cities in America close to the border might be interested in Immigrating to the country it's also very easy for them since the people there would most likely be able to fulfil the strict requirements.

The immigration rate also depends whether there is going to another world war or not. It's a depressing possibility but a possibility none the less. Refugees are going to think about immigrating to Canada as soon as the possibility becomes visible and knowing the history of Canada they have also helped refugees therefore this option might become open. Education, health care, liberty and etcetera would play a great role as well as the war.

People that might be able to immigrate they'll most likely immigrate to northern areas in provinces like the North-West territories because Canada would probably only give that as a available option after all they don't want an overpopulated country and the Southern-areas are already full of residents that don't want to move to the northern side because of the weather.

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First Nations

First Nations are really into their culture, the people in the community just want their culture to remain. This obsession is putting them in many issues such as:

  • sickness
  • lack of education
  • extinction
  • possibilities of being over ruled

Traditionally First Nations are in the trading business many people from their community go into trading industries and careers. This is the reason fall victims to many disease and sickness- there are barley any doctors! The community lacks in professions.

Métis are slowly concurring over the First Nations. Considering the fact that First Nations want their community to exist they are marrying off and populating but this is leading to their extinction because when a First Nation gets married to non-first nations we get an outcome of what we call a Métis. The First Nations are slowly driving themselves to extinction by becoming Métis. When the First Nations disappear the Métis will as well because we need a First Nation for a Métis.

The First Nation will come to a point where they'll be over ruled that is because their population is decreasing and when they don't seem so powerful the society would find them an easier target and it seems like we'll be the bullies.

Eagle Lake First Nations Traditional Pow Wow Video 2013
This video was taken on August 5th, 2013. This date and video show that even in our society today we still have festivals like these today. Schools hold functions like these as well meaning that First Nations aren't ignored... yet.


In conclusion Canada has a lot of rough times that are due.

First Nations are going to disappear and so will the Métis and Canadians will attack and take advantage of the situation. This might lead to rebellion like before and a small war.

Canada's immigration system will become strict and there is also a possibility of overpopulation.


Life in Canada 2050 by Buttersnaps_for_tomato