Eagle News

Mrs. Richardson's and Mrs. Dorothy's Kindergarten Class

April 13 - April 17

Welcome Back

Dorothy and I would like to welcome you back from Spring Break. It is hard to believe that WE ONLY HAVE 30 DAYS OF SCHOOL LEFT, and so much to do!! So, we hope that your break was restful because we will hit the ground running. We basically have until the end of April to finish up our lessons and the month of May will be full of year end assessments, which include:

  • GKIDS-this is a state mandated assessment that assesses all 85 kindergarten level standards. The results are reported to the Georgia Department of Education.
  • Student Growth Assessment-this is a county assessment that assesses the level of academic growth your student made this year. It is reported to the Coweta County School System
  • Year End Report Card Assessments-these assessments will determine the final report card grades and your child's placement for next year.

As you can see, we will be quite busy and as temping as it may be, please don't let up on homework, making sure your child gets a good nights sleep every night, and eating a healthy breakfast every morning. And, most importantly, please make sure they come to school everyday and on time. Everyone has worked so hard this year, let's see it all the way through to the end!

Sight Word Super Stars!

These two guys, Landen and Jayden, earned their Super Stars last week. So very proud of them.
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APTT Night was a Great Success!

Thank you to all who came out to our last APTT night. I hope that the skill we reviewed was helpful, not only for next year's sight words, but in many areas of study your child will encounter in the years to come. Just as I post the STEM project pictures of my students, I find that I must also post their parent's STEM project pictures! I think we all walked away with a better understanding of how challenging these STEM projects can be!
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Homework This Week

Every night
  • Sight Words: too, white, please, even

Wednesday: Writing Homework

Thursday: Math

What's Going On At Ruth Hill in March/April

APRIL 13-17

Tuesday, April 14

  • Stevie B's Night

Friday, April 17

  • Donuts with Dad, 7:30-8:00

April 20-24

Georgia Milestones Testing for grades 3-5 (Mrs. Dorothy will not be in our classroom during this time as she will be helping with the Milestones)

Wednesday, April 22

  • Mid-term 4 ends

Friday, April 24

  • YMCA Tennis Club Meets
  • Karate Club Meet

April 27-30

Continue Georgia Milestones Testing for grades 3-5 (Dorothy will be involved with this and not be in our classroom)

Last week for students to find sponsors for Fun Run

Tuesday, April 28

  • DQ Spirit Night

Thursday, April 30

  • Progress reports issued

Friday, May 1

  • Ruth Hill PTO Fun Run (schedule will be sent)
  • YMCA Tennis Club Meets
  • Karate Club Meets
  • Starlite Spirit Night

What's Going on in Class This Week

Spelling /Sight Words: too, white, please, seven

Math: Addition, subtraction, missing numbers

Social Studies: Plants/butterfly research project

Letter of the Week: Review of all letters

Spelling, Reading, and Sight Word Test on Friday

Mrs. Richardson's Golden Apples


Congratulations to these students who got a Perfect Score on ALL of their ELA tests.

  • Patience


Perfect Score/Spelling Test

  • Samantha, Bayron, Patience

Perfect Score on Sight Word Test

  • Samantha, Derrius, Bayron, Micah, Janiyah, Caleb, Destiny, Erica, Patience

Perfect Score on Letter Sound Test:

  • Jaylen, Derrius, Nevaeh, Erica, Patience

Perfect score on Reading:

  • Samantha, Landen, Derrius, Jayden, Natalie, Bayron, Micah Janiyah, Caleb, Nevaeh, Hunter, Destiny, Erica, Patience


These are the math standards we will be focusing on for the remainder of the year.

Operations and Algebric Thinking:

KOA 1: Represent addition and subtraction with objects: (PASSED 1ST ASSESSMENT)

Jaylen, Landen, Derrius, Malcom, Jayden, Natalie, Bayron, Micah, Janiyah, Nevaeh, Destiny, Erica, Patience, Caleb

KOA 2: Solve addition and subtraction word problems: (PASSED 3rd AND FINAL ASSESSMENT)

Jaylen, Samantha, Landen, Derrius, Jayden, Natalie, Bayron, Micah, Janiyah, Nevaeh, Destiny, Erica, Patience, Caleb

KOA 3: Decompose numbers less than or equal to 10 into pairs: Not yet Assessed

KOA 4: Find the numbers that make 10: (PASSED 1ST ASSESSMENT)

Jaylen, Samantha, Landen, Derrius, Malcom, Jayden, Natalie, Bayron, Micah, Bryan, Janiyah, Nevaeh, Hunter, Destiny, Erica, Patience, Caleb

KOA 5: Fluently add and subtract within 10: Not yet Assessed

NBT 1: Compose and Decompose numbers 11-29 (PASSED 1ST ASSESSMENT)

Jaylen Samantha, Landen, Derrius, Natalie, Bayron, Micah, Bryan, Janiyah, Nevaeh, Destiny, Erica, Patience, Isaiah

This Week's STEM Project: Create a Soil Sorter

We recently finished up our science unit on rocks and soil. One topic we discussed in this unit was the qualities of good planting soil. The students decided that soil that didn't have big rocks would be the best for growing plants. This STEM assignment was for the students to design a machine that would sort unwanted rocks from the soil.
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Landen Explains His Team's Design
Teams Present Their Design

Listen to Students Read