Wyatt Earp

Cowboy, town marshal, Buffalo shooter

Wyatts family

-Father is Nick Earp

-Mother is Virginia Ann Cooksey

-Had 9 siblings

- Wanted to be in the Union like his brother

-Born March 19, 1848 in Monmouth, Warren County Illinois March 19, 1848

On his own

-Once he leaves from his parents he Marries Urilla Sutherland who later dies from typhus with Wyatts baby still inside her. After she passes Wyatt burns the house that he shared with his wife for only a year and ends up killing a man for food. Earp ands up fleeing the crime for several years hiding in bars saloons and even helping prostitutes. When he is clear he helps a police officer track down a thief who stole a wagon, the same crime he was illegibly accused of. Wyatt Earp is now a police officer for Wichita Kansas

Ok corall

The Gunfight at the O.K. Corral was a 30-second gunfight between an outlaw group of Cowboys and lawmen that is generally regarded as the most famous shootout in wild west history
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