Among the Hidden



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Luke (main charterer) is the hero in my book.

I like Luke because he didn't cause any big problems.Like Jen did


Jen (Jennifer) is the sidekick in the book.

I like the way jen was not to timid like luke was and she was not also too much worried about everything (rally..ect).

Luke parents

Luke parents is also the sidekick in the book.

I like them because they cared and worried about Luke and they tried there best for keeping Luke safe from the government inspector.

Jen father

Jen father (Talbot) is a sidekick in this book.

I like him because he cared about Jen and even he was nice and kind to Luke by getting a fake i.d to him.


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  • Luke is a 3rd child(not allowed child ) he has 2 older brother.since Luke is a 3rd child he could't go anywhere like town...etc. on one day Luke mother told Luke that he can't play outside anymore the reason was that the government decided to cut off the trees that is front of the house.Know Luke had nothing to do beside staying in his house.Things got worst and worst Luke father decided that Luke should not eat with the family anymore because Luke dad was worried about someone seeing Luke shadow.since Luke dad was only a harvest they didn't had enough money to pay day the government send the letter that they could't have harvest anymore because the barons complained about the smell of the pig.Finally Luke parents decided to sell the harvest.Luke mother needed to go out and work because they didn't have enough money to pay for the bill. Know Luke was the only one to stay home alone until his parents and brother came back from work and school.

Rising action

  • one day Luke saw the new fancy house that was building in his town, the house belonged to the barons. when the house was completed built several barons moved like the sports family and birdbrain day Luke saw strange thing from his window in attic . when all of the barons went out Luke counted there was 36 of them,but there was face of someone in the sports family house.starting that day Luke had observed the sports family very closely and there was nothing no face,light and shadow.Luke had mad a brilliant idea he had decided to sneak in too the sports family house and he did it at first he had think it was a crazy idea,Luke did it he ran to the birdbrain backyard that was close to the sports family house and he finally arrived at the backdoor of the sports family house .But the back door was lock and he got shocked and he break the door . Finally he got in, he went to the room where he could hear the typing sound.He opened the door, he saw a girl with short hair. she was typing in the computer.


  • Finally Luke saw the mystarias unknown 3rd child.But as soon as she saw Luke,she graved Luke and ask Luke, who are you? Luke said he was a 3rd child.After Knowing Luke as a 3rd child, the girl turn off the security alarm that was going on as soon as Luke braked the back door.Know Luke ask her name and her name was Jen Talbot(Jennifer).After that Jen wiped off Luke blood in the carpet because Jen will get into a serious trouble when her dad finds out about it . she told about her family . Jen also talked about the chatting room that she was doing and told Luke that this chatting room is for 3rd child only and this chatting room password was free.But hearing about it Luke worried about the chatting room that Jen was doing. and he asked question about it like would the government inspector find out about this..stuff like that. Jen told Luke that the government wouldn't find about it, but still Luke worried about it. Jen gave Luke a different types of book like food problems and about the population law too .Luke read the book over in his house and he ask question that he had over the books.They made a sign for there meeting,Luke and Jen had a huge discussion over the signs .They finally decided for switching on light in Jens house.But when days and days past Jen didn't switched the light on and of course Luke was worried about. Finally Luke and Jen meet about a month over they couldn't meet because of the bad weathering. During the meeting Jen gave Luke a bag of chips and soda that Luke never saw before and Jen also told Luke that the reason the government made a population law was because of the food problem they faced in past years.Luke felt guilty for eating the potato chips,but he couldn't stop eating it.

Falling action

  • Jen told Luke one day that they will have a (3rd child's only) protest in front of the government house . Jen told Luke to Join them,but Luke said no too Jen. The reason was that Luke was too worried about the protest.The protest day came closer and Luke worried got bigger and bigger.One day Jen came too Luke house and they had a fight over going or not going to the protest,but Luke answer didn't change it was no . Jen told Luke that he was too timid also she told Luke that if he didn't join them he will be hiding all of his life. The day before the protest Jen Came over again and ask Luke and Luke answer was no.The day of the protest Luke turn on the radio and there was not a single news about the protest.After day and day past Luke got worried about Jen and he wanted to say sorry about how he told Jen to die in the protest. He finally decided to go over to Jen house.He searched every room and there wasn't Jen. When Luke turned over,he saw someone aiming gun to him.


  • It was Jen dad who aimed gun to him.He ask Luke who he was and Luke told him he was Jen friend and a 3rd child.After that Jen dad put down the gun.Luke asked him where is Jen and he said Jen was dad during the protest .Luke could't believe about it, but it was true.Then Luke and Jen dad talked about Jen and the chatting room and how he helped the government with it.The government inspector came and Jen dad told Luke where to hide in the closet. Inside of the closet there was no secret door that Jen dad told him about it.The government inspector searched his house and they couldn't find Luke.Finally they left the house. After Jen dad asked in posit to Luke about getting a fake id. Luke think and think about it and his answer was yes the reason was that he wanted to help other 3rd child in his country ,and when he have the fake i.d he will be able to help them .After that Jen father talked to Luke parents about Luke getting a fake i.d, Luke told his parents about all the thing that happened.The day before Luke being someone else Luke and his mother had a great time spending together.The day Jen dad Picked up Luke and Luke and his family had a last hug and good buy.Inside the car Jen dad told Luke that it was easier to get a fake i.d because Luke dad knew one of his relative so it was easier to get the fake i.d. Also he told Luke that he will be living as Lee Grant (HE is also a Baron that past away ) .Luke turned around and see his family for last time and he turned around and saw different views that he had never seen before. After seeing the view. Lee Grant turned around and see what laid front of him (Luke).
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There was a boy name called Luke and he was a 3rd child and in his country they had a population law that didn't allowed 3rd day many Barons came and live in his town like sports family and birdbrain family.Since Luke was the only one in his house he knew about the Barons well they weared different clothes,and had ,car.But in the sports family house he saw a strange face and in that point all of the barons were gone. Luke finally decided to go to the sports family house . Luke meet a girl name called Jen(also a 3rd child) and they talked about many things . one day Jen told Luke to join the 3rd child protest that will be held on front of the government house .Luke told no to Jen . The day of protest day there was not a single news about the protest. Luke was worried so worried about Jen. He finally decided to go to Jen house. When he went to Jen house he saw Jen dad and he find out that Jen was dead.The government inspector came and searched Jen house for Luke. After the goverment inspector left,Jen dad suggest Luke to get a fake i.d and he said yes. Returning to his house,Luke told everything to his parents . Jen dad told his parents about Luke getting a fake i.d. Luke parent agreed of Luke getting the fake i.d. The day before Luke being someone else, Luke and his mother had a nice time together .The next morning Luke and his family had a nice by by.Inside the car Jen dad(Talbot) and Luke had a talking. After Luke seeing his family for last time he turned and looked at the view that he never seen before in his life.And for last Lee grant turned around and see what laid front of him (Luke)!!!




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  • In this book the conflict was about character vs self.

The reason why is character vs self ,is because through out the story Luke had to face big problems that was hard to decide. He needed to fight himself and think carefully and seriously about his problems and make the right choice and i think is Luke vs Luke (conflict).


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  • I think this book theme is about understanding others in all the time. The reason i think this is a theme is that Luke had a a lot of time that he didn't or not enjoy.But Luke thought about others. Like when Luke mother decided to get a job Luke didn't like the fact that he was alone in home but he thought about his family the need of money .Beside this the other action that Luke did in this book,i could understand the theme (lesson) is understanding others in all times.

Book review

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  • I recommend this book to my friends . I like this book because it explained about different social issue like food,population law.Also i like the way they put the barons and Luke family together. In that way Jen father in the end were able to help Luke to get a fake i.d. If they didn't put the barons and the Luke family together Luke will have not meet Jen and in that way Luke couldn't get a fake i.d too. I didn't like this book because Luke dad was being to rude and selfishness to Luke. I hated the government they were also rude and selfishness .Also i didn't like the first part of the book were so boring comparing to the other half of the book.I also didn't like the Luke personalizes he was so timid.

The END!!

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Thank you're for listening to my presentation!!!!

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