Book Report Peter pan

Omer Gotesman


The story tells the story of Peter Pan child who refuses to grow up and adult.

Peter lives in Neverland in the underground with the "lost boys"-Children who lost their parents and therefore arrived at Neverland. They fight against pirates and Indians. He sometimes visits our world to listen the stories of children whose mothers mcrioth to their children at bedtime.

list of characters

Peter Pan- flying boy who grew up never accompanied by Wendy, John and Michael to Neverland.

Wendy Moira- Angela Darling's sister John and Michael.

John Darling- Wendy's brother who always gets into trouble.

Michael Darling- Wendy's younger brother who shows great courage for his young age.

Fairy Tinker Bell- Peter Pan's company.

Captain James hook is an evil pirate and incompetent and sworn enemy of Peter Pan. Trying with his forces to overcome it and his friends

Pirate Smee is older than the Captain Hook

information from the internet

James Matthew Barrie born in May 9, 1860 and died in 19 June 1937 was a British author and playwright of Scottish best known as the author of the play and novel Peter Pan

dear peter pan

Peter Pan what it's like to live in Neverland?

How to fight with Captain Hook, hard?

I want to know everything about you.

You're funny and I admire you.

Hope you answer all the questions.

from Omar


I recommend reading the book because the book is fun and interesting.
Peter Pan Diamond Edition - You Can Fly Clip