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Technology Integration Newsletter-September 11, 2014

Important Links

Here are some important links to save or bookmark for the school year.

Technology Goal

If you have submitted your technology goals, please fill out the short form found at the link below to help give me some direction in regard to your specific goal and how I can help. You can wait until goals are approved by administration before filling out this form. There is also a space for a potential date for your first 1/2 day of tech work, but you can leave it blank if you are unsure and email me later. Thank you for taking the time to submit this to me, and thank you to those of you who have already submitted goals.

LP 2014-15 Technology Goal Submission

Google Calendar and Chromebook Checkout

The chromebook cart of 30 is now available for checkout in Google Calendar. Please remember that when you click to reserve the cart, you must edit the time to reflect the start and end of class. Also, when you click the time on the calendar to reserve the Chromebooks, there is a little drop down arrow that asks which calendar you'd like the appointment added to. Please select "HS Chromebooks." If you don't click anything for this, it will default to your own calendar and nobody else will be able to see your reservation.

If you have a hard time adding calendars to your view, please contact me and I will get you a direct link so that it will automatically add the calendar in question to your view. To toggle between calendars, click the colored box to view various calendars.

The 1-iPad Classroom

This year I will be periodically sharing resources pertaining to using your teacher iPad in your classroom. Below you will find information on Reflector, which will be used to project the iPad screen onto your SMARTboard. Please feel free to view those videos to get ideas. I also found a great professional development site with many tips and tricks on using iPads in the classroom. It can be found below.

Projecting your iPad onto your SMART Board Screen using Reflector

Reflection App for Teachers
Reflector App Tutorial