Winter Recital

February 19, 2017

Recital Day Tips

1. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the beginning of your recital time. This will allow you to see the stage and set your instrument backstage.

2. Please be supportive of other students and remain present for their performance.

3. If you must leave, please do so between performances.

4. If you would prefer that picture/video of your performance not be taken, please notify the audience/staff prior to your performance.

5. Feel free to introduce yourself and your piece prior to beginning the performance.

Summer Recital

Sunday, Feb. 19th, 11am-5pm

41 S Oviatt St

Hudson, OH

The recital will be held in the theatre of the Barlow Community Center, home of the Hudson Players!

Recital Performance Order

1pm Recital

Hudson Jazz Ensemble

Adam Beres- Guitar

Alex Freund- Guitar

Matthew Craig- Voice

Gabby Correia- Guitar

Melanie Baker- Guitar

Dominic LaMarca- Guitar

Hannah Collins- Guitar

Ava Preston- Voice

Ayden Stuckey- Violin

Sam Schroeder- Saxophone

Scott Gotschall- Voice

2:30pm Recital

McKenna Wolfe- Voice

Nate Stanton- Guitar

Ethan Heckman- Guitar

Logan Rapp- Guitar

Max Bromberg- Piano

Zach Bromberg- Piano

Hollie Glasberg- Piano

Elise Miller- Piano

Sneha Dhital- Piano

Emma Zheng- Piano

4pm Recital

Fred Chermak- Guitar

Jack Novak- Guitar

Morgan McLaughlin- Guitar

Nate Loxley- Guitar

Emma White- Guitar/Voice

Eda Sezer- Guitar