Talofofo Beach

Nathaniel Hoogstra


Continent: North America

Country: North America

Latitude and longitude: 13.4443 N and 144.7957

General information

It is close to a plate boundary. It's close as well to tectonic activity. It's a active coast. Its features are created by geologic and or volcanic forces. It is a primary coast. It has been rising relative to sea level since its existence. It is an emergent coast.


The sand color is mainly green, but also appears slightly grey in some locations. The green sand is composed primarily of olivine crystals which crode out of lava flows. The crystals are heavier than most other types of sand and remain while the strong waves wash the others away.

Known features

The beach is known for having green sand, great cliffs to the side of it that people often jump off into the water, great scenery with almost absurd amounts of palm trees, and having massive waves.

Comments regarding the pictures (In order)

1.) A nice view of the beach along with the cliffs off to the side which people often jump off of. I'd sure like to give that a try

2.) A close of view of the green sand just as a wave starts to roll in. That certainly is green, I guess

3.) A view of the nearby shore which connects. It shows the nearly absurd amount of palm trees that talofofo beach has to offer. Wouldn't mind vacationing there

4.) A nice view of another one of the nearby shores. More palm trees can be see, but also a mound of rocks and various other minerals stacked upon the coastline. Looks cool