Career choice - lawyer

by yaruby castro

how do you become a lawyer? . . .

To become a lawyer, a four‐yea r Bachelor’s degree is required prior to

attending law school. Attend law school for 3 years. Have to be able to Practice in actual courts. Also A person must pass a written bar examination as well as a separate written ethics examination.

Salary range , educational level , certification needed, length of time, what fields.

median salary of $113,530 , The best-paid earned more than $187,999, while the lowest-paid made approximately $54,310.A bachelor's degree is required for admission into law school. The education path typically takes a total of seven years to complete, including four years undergraduate coursework and three years of law school. some examples of fields could be...criminal law, educational law, employment and labor law, and health law.

Hard work always pays off.