January 2013

Room 1219 Newsletter

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone enjoyed their time off for the Winter Break. A special thank you to a generous class for my gift card to Barnes & Noble. I used it to buy some new books to read during my break.

Surprisingly, it is time again for progress reports because it is half-way through our second trimester. Our second trimester ends February 28, and the report cards will be sent home on March 6. If your child receives a progress report, have your chld work on the subject listed and feel free to contact Ms. Turner for a conference to discuss your child's progress.

Reading daily is essential for academic success in all subject areas. Reading increases a child's vocabulary, increases a child's knowledge, and can increase their academic achievement. Because of these benefits, I require all students to read 30 minutes daily, including weekends and holidays. Ask your child if he has achieved his Accelerated Reader Goal for the second trimester. This goal must be completed by February 25.

One way to help with this requirement is to have many books available to read by taking trips to the library, book stores, or finding books in our class or school libraries. Another way to access books is through Scholastic book orders. The advantage to ordering from Scholastic is that the class will receive books for free when you order. I will send home book orders soon. If you wish to order, please send your order form to me or order online. When you order books from Scholastic, it helps me to buy books for our classroom. You may send cash or a check to me with the order form, or you may order online. I will send instructions on how to order online with the book orders. Ask your child about the free book offer from Scholastic.

Again, another way to have plenty of books available is to take a trip to the local library, school library and classroom library and find books for free.

Curriculum Update

Language Arts: Currently, we are working on writing an imaginative narrative story. We have written a prewrite and are working on our second draft. We will revise once more and edit before turning in the story for grading. Our next reading unit is all about poetry. Poetry can be very enjoyable, but also challenging due to the figurative language.

Mathematics:We will soon finish our measurement and geometry unit. The test is soon. Unit 6 is a continuation of fraction concepts and algebraic concepts.

Science: Sixth grade science is all about Earth Science. Our current unit is about Plate Tectonics and Earth's Structure. We had a quiz about the first two units on Lessons 1 and 2 before the break. We will have the chapter test after the next three lessons on Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and How Plate Tectonics Affects California

Social Studies: Sixth Grade history is all about ancient civilizations. Ask your child what about their history class with Mrs. DeBellis.

Dates to Remember

January 9 Career Day
January 16 Progress Reports Sent Home
January 18 Daughter Dance
January 20 Martin Luther King Jr. Day, No School
January 25 Pancake Breakfast
January 31 Flag Ceremony

Holiday Hat Day

Our Day at the Park-Reading Reward