Water Rapidly Dissapearing In U.S.

By: Ethan Harlan, Katlyn Klee, and Josiah Rueter

Water is nesecary for all living organisams, so when we are in a drought, that is a major problem.

Distribution Of Water On Earth's Surface

Aulthoh our earth is 70% water, only 2% is fresh. Some comes from fresh water springs, and reverse osmosis, wich is the removal of salt from salt water. Because of this imbalance in our water supply, we don't necessarily have enough water to support our needs.

Water Usage

We use water around our house, and in our daily lives. On average, we use 80-100 gallons of fresh water daily, now thats alot of water! When you take a bath, your tub is filled with approximately 36 gallons of water. To add on, Farmers use aout 70% of water supplied.

How You Can Help Conserve Water

Water can be saved in many ways. You can help by taking shorter showers, and turning off the sink when you brush your teeth. You can also spread awareness, and share tips about how you could save water

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