executive and federal goverment

Lucas Smith

federal executive branch

the president has the executive power, are current president is Barack Obama. The Executive branch functions are, to appoint people, make sure laws are carried out. The president has many roles including Chief executive, Head of State, Chief Legislator, Economic planner, party leader, Chief Diplomat, Commander in Chief.

MD Executive Branch

Larry Hogan Jr. has the Executive power in MD, He is the governor of Maryland. Some of the functions of the governor is to make sure laws are being followed, stop state problems, and tax relief. The Governor roles are, MD constitutional offices and agencies, MD department, MD independent agencies, MD university's, and collages, MD counties, MD maniciples, Major departments that make up the governor executive council are,

Lt. Governor (410) 974-3591

John C. Wobensmith, Secretary of State (410) 974-5521

Rona E. Kramer, Secretary of Aging (410) 767-1102

Joseph Bartenfelder, Secretary of Agriculture (410) 841-5880

David R. Brinkley, Secretary of Budget & Management (410) 260-7041

R. Michael Gill, Secretary of Commerce (410) 767-6301

Carol A. Beatty, Secretary of Disabilities (410) 767-3661

Jack R. Smith, Ph.D., Interim State Superintendent of Schools (410) 767-0462

Ben H. Grumbles, Secretary of the Environment (410) 537-3084

C. Gail Bassette, Secretary of General Services (410) 767-4960

Van T. Mitchell, Secretary of Health & Mental Hygiene (410) 767-6505

Kenneth C. Holt, Secretary of Housing & Community Development (301) 429-7451

Sam Malhotra, Secretary of Human Resources (410) 767-7109

David A. Garcia, Secretary of Information Technology (410) 260-4088

Sam J. Abed, Secretary of Juvenile Services (410) 230-3100

Kelly M. Schulz, Secretary of Labor, Licensing, & Regulation (410) 230-6020

Mark J. Belton, Secretary of Natural Resources (410) 260-8101

David R. Craig, Secretary of Planning

Stephen T. Moyer, Secretary of Public Safety & Correctional Services

William M. Pallozzi, Secretary of State Police

Pete K. Rahn, Secretary of Transportation

George W. Owings III, Secretary of Veterans Affairs

Jennie C. Hunter-Cevera, Ph.D., Acting Secretary of Higher Education

Maj. Gen. (MD) Linda L. Singh, Adjutant General