Maze Runner

Book by James Dashner...Project by Caroline Richtman

THEME: A theme of the book is friendship, the gladers wouldn't be able to survive if they couldn't trust one another to complete each ones task.

What are the genres of the book? How many pages are there?

The genres of the book are Action, Mystery, and Sci-Fi. 347 pages are in the book.


The book is set in the future. Everything happens in the Glade and the Maze. The Glade is where all the Gladers are trapped by themselves. The Maze is the thing that keeps them in the glade it traps them and every so often the doors open and you can go in and try to escape, but it is filled with mystery. Whatever is in there is deadly and ready to attack.



Thomas is the newbie in the Glade. He is smart and very curious. He doesn't like to follow the rules and he likes to go his own way and do what he wants to do, but completes his tasks.


Newt is kind and caring, the total opposite of Gally, but also takes on the very serious side of leadership. He is always ready to take on a new challenge and is ready to face whatever he has to. He always has a positive attitude toward things.


Teresa is the only girl that has ever entered the Glade. She has a lot of courage and stands up to the boys when they need to be put into their place. She helps with all the plans and everything that all the guys do.



I recommend this to people who like a lot of action and mystery. I like this book because you never exactly know what is going to happen next. Sometimes you predict things, but then the total opposite happens and it throws you off. It is a very exciting and action-filled book. The characters are involved in many fights and plans in everything they do.