Eastside: The Greatest School

"No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else."

Week of March 25th

Eastside Mission & Vision

Our mission is to build a strong educational foundation while meeting the unique needs of our students.

Working in partnership with the community, Eastside Elementary will provide all students:

  • A collaborative team of professionals who are committed to improve their practices, so that all students learn at high levels

  • A safe, positive, and inviting learning environment

  • An engaging and challenging curriculum focused on essential academics and life skills

  • Individualized and timely support that provides students with what they need to succeed

Countdown to the Greatest Show:

K - 2nd grade - It's GO TIME!

3rd and 4th grade - 18 days

5th grade - 23 days

Inspiration for the Week

Our inspiration for this week lies not in a quote or video, but in the lives of each of you!!! You are the inspiration of the week. It is you who your students look up to and receive the love they need. You are the one setting high goals and expectations for yourself and your students are patterning that mindset after you. Keep up the GREAT work! This is the time of the year that you dig deep within yourself to keep your students inspired and reaching towards their potential. With it being March Madness time, I am attaching a picture of a basketball GREAT with his coach. Just remember the impact you can have on your students' lives.
Big picture

Ms. Franklin and Mrs. Robertson Awarded "Whatever It Takes" by Mr. Spainhour

Details for the Week

  • Monday
  • NO PROWL - see details below
  • Reconnect with your students. Get to know how their week was during Spring Break. Be sensitive to those that may not have had a great break. These kids will be more excited to be back to a safe and secure environment! Love on these that may not have got that while they were away from us.
  • Test Bash for K-2 will start at 9:30. Please wait until we call for your grade level. This is going to be so much fun! Please remind your students that have sensitivity to sound that this will be a loud event, so they can be prepared. We will take a class picture for each of your classes after the test bash on the stage. Be sure to place students that can't be photographed on the edge, so we can crop them out.
  • K-2 teachers, review student data notebooks with students today to remind them of their goals!!!!
  • SIT will meet following the test bash.
  • Tuesday
  • K-2 State MAP testing (see schedule)
  • ACT Aspire Training after school at 3:30 with Mrs. Harp in team meeting room
  • Wednesday
  • K-2 State MAP testing (see schedule)
  • Team meetings will be content for 3-5. Support staff and K-2 will not meet this week due to state testing.
  • Thursday
  • ACT Aspire Training before school at 7:30 with Mrs. Harp in team meeting room
  • K-2 State MAP testing (see schedule)
  • Report cards entered by 9:00 AM.
  • GAEOP Jean Day - Pay Mrs. Patty your $5.
  • 5th Grade Bash Parent Meeting 5:00 PM
  • Friday
  • K-2 State MAP testing (see schedule)
  • Mrs. Heller will be here to work with K-5 literacy. A separate email will be sent out with details for those involved.
  • Important News:
  • Tomorrow will be our jean day with our Greatest School circus tent gray t shirt. K-2nd grade may wear jeans, Panther shirt, and tennis shoes on the days your class is testing this week.
  • No PROWL this week due to state testing for K-2 beginning at 8:00 AM. Use this time from 7:50 - 8:20 to do some Tier 2 interventions in your grade level. Support staff will go to their assigned grade level at this time to help with interventions. Turner and Strick will go to kinder, Cardin and K. Reed will go to 1st grade, Winn will go to 2nd grade, Gordon will go to 3rd grade, Newkirk will go to 4th grade, and Satterwhite to 5th grade.
  • K-2 will be MAP summative testing beginning Tuesday, March 26th. Be sure to tell them you know how great they are going to do. Keep students quiet in their hallways and near the computer lab.
  • The Greenbrier Association of Educational Office Personnel (GAEOP) would like to invite you to participate in our two approved $5 JEAN DAYS! Please mark you calendars for MARCH 28 & APRIL 17. The money raised from these jean days will go to provide two $1000 scholarships to deserving GHS seniors! Pay your building secretary $5 and enjoy knowing you are playing another part in helping two of our SENIORS!
  • MAP AND DIBELS PM will not happen for the next two weeks for K-2 due to state testing. 3-5 DIBELS PM will happen this week.
  • 2nd grade (We will try this again this week.) - Mrs. Manning and I will be coming to you to go Live on Facebook. This will be your opportunity to involve parents in how to help their child at home with reading skills. Discuss with your team what you would like to share. We will be videoing later in the week during a recess. We will get with you on the date and time. Kindergarten and 1st grade have done a great job with this. Feel free to watch their video on Facebook for an idea of how it will work.
  • Balcony person: Get to know your balcony person this week. Ask them about their spring break.
  • Keep up the great work of passing out PRIDE tickets!

  • Please take lots of pictures of your students engaging in the learning this week! Email them to Mrs. Manning and myself. We want to continue to tell Eastside's story through social media.
  • Mrs. Robertson and her husband will be going on a mission trip this summer to Japan. They will have a fundraiser on March 29th at Bob's grill at 6 PM- $10 for burger meals. Mrs. Robertson wanted everyone to know they are invited.
  • To request a sub: Link to the Web Site: https://www.willsubplus.com Filling it out online should ensure a better chance of the sub request being filled. LOGON: Use your district provided email address PASSWORD: Use the “Forgot Password?” reset link on the home page of the web site to set your password.

Computer Science Word of the Month: Function

Character Word of the Month: Citizenship

Important Dates (Refer to our EES 2018- 2019 Year at a Glance Calendar in Google Drive)

I have updated the EES Calendar at a glance with lots of new upcoming dates.