Articles of Confederation

Advantages and Disadvantages

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The Articles of Confederation created a unified army for the states. It was able to build up and control that army. It also created a legislature that enabled each state to have one vote. The legislature also was given the ability to deal with foreign countries on the states' behalf.


The Articles of Confederation weren't perfect. One of the disadvantages was how that national government couldn't enforce the laws. Another was how the national government couldn't tax the people either. When it came to passing laws, 9 out of the 13 colonies had to agree, while all of them were needed in order to amend one. There wasn't a judicial or executive branch either.

Why There Was a Weak Central Government

It's understandable as to why the people wanted the government to have little power. A lot of them were scared that if they were given too much power, everything they had worked for would be for nothing. They were scared that the government would become so far out of reach, like the British Crown.