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Mission Statement

Northwood Elementary School will provide higher-level learning opportunities for all students to maximize their potential in a safe, nurturing, respectful, and diverse environment.

AdvancEd Surveys

Please remember to complete these by the deadline at the end of the month (3/30). Please email when your class has completed the survey.

It is very important that every staff member completes the survey. THANK YOU. Your voice counts.

Assessment: Smarter Balanced Data

At this time all data should be in. I believe they are all correct at this time. Please look at yours again and see if their is any error. Please check to make sure it is an error. Let me know the specific error. Some formulas needs to be added or lines needed to be added and I believe they are up to date at this time. Let m know by 3/20. THANKS.

Tech Tidbit from the Gooru

Google Calendar is used by most Google Apps users several times a day. Whether you are scheduling a meeting at work or creating a reminder to pick up your kids from school, it serves as the pulse of your day-to-day scheduling.

Today's Top Post - Use these 6 tips become a Google Calendar Gooru

Using these 6 tips, you can utilize the full feature set that Google Calendar has to offer. Making a separate calendar for a conference room or embedding a video call in an event invite can drastically increase efficiency and clarity in your life and schedule.

Advocacy Encouragement - Please read and act!

Two good articles have been published in that provide an analysis of the governor's proposal for school funding for the 2015-2016 school year. These articles can be found at:

The net result of the governor's proposal for Royal Oak would be a $55 per student decrease in funding for 2015-2016 compared to this school year. Please consider expressing your concern regarding this to our elected representatives: State Senator Knollenberg and State Representative Townsend

Self Assessment in Stages

A reminder that these are due April 15. They are not required but are very helpful in showing what you have going on this year. Student Growth Data is due May 15. I will be making appointment for the Summative Meetings soon. Just like last year the meeting can be prior to your growth data being entered. That information can be entered prior to closing the the evaluation. This is the same as last year.

Please see me with any questions.

March is Reading Month

What a great building to work in! The students and parents are excited about our theme and students are turning in minutes. Thank you March is Reading Month Committee.

Strategic/Progress Monitoring

Just a reminder that this information should be shared with parents.

Science Kits

Thank you for getting these prepared for pick up!


Just a reminder to check your certification dates. Make sure you have all of the necessary information into the state for renewal prior to the certificate expiration date. To look up your certification deadlines you can click here:

For access to the MOECS site for renewal click here:

If you have PD paperwork for me to sign please make sure you give me a two week window for verification and please complete it at the end of each school year thank you. See me with any questions.

MStep: 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade Teachers

I sent out a reminder about the practice sessions and I placed a copy of the survey in your mailbox. These are due to Lisa Shannon by 4/2/15. Thank you.

I have sent out an updated calendar. Please check your CA. If it is not on for Math and ELA, send it to me. I need to get a "parent friendly" calendar out next weekend.

PBIS Focus

The focus for the next two weeks will be: Arrival/Departure

*Wait at your assigned entrance.

*Follow school rules (ex: hands to self)

*Use appropriate and positive language.

*Always follow adult directions.

*Follow safety and service squad instructions.

*Voice level: outside 3, inside 1

*Help students in need.

*Stay on the sidewalk.

*Know and follow your after school plan.

As a reminder: students are not allowed on the playground at arrival or departure unless with their parent or guardian.

Please review with your students and be sure to teach the lessons. Thank you.


Please consider nominating students and let me know. It is nice to be represented at the event and have our students shine.

Dates to Remember


3/16 Allyson Dewar @ Northwood - SIGN UP!!

3/16 El. Council Angela AM

3/16 BFC @ 3:45


3/17 Green Bagels Delivered Today

3/17 Tornado Drill @ 9:15 AM

3/17 MIRM Reading Drill @ 1:55 PM

3/17 PBIS Mtg. @ 3:45 PM

3/18 4th Grade Writing Lab @ Oakland

3/19 4th Grade Lansing Field Trip

3/19 5th Grade Counselor and Bil Jones Meet with 5th Grade MC @ 11:30

3/20 PTA Daddy Daughter Dance; Cafe @ 7 PM; RSVP required

3/23 IEPs AM

3/23 Oakland County Vision Screening Grades 1,3,5

3/24 Oakland County Vision Screening Grades 1,3,5

3/24 2nd Grade Field Trip Troy Historical Museum

3/24 4th Grade Vocal Concert @ 7 PM; Doors open at 6:45; North Entrance

3/25 Oakland County Vision Screening Grades 1,3,5

3/25 Late Start

3/26 Oakland County Vision Screening Grades 1,3,5

3/26 PTA Ice Cream Social 5:15-6:15 PM Cafe

3/26 Northwood Open House @ 6:30 PM

3/26 SST AM

3/27 End of 3rd Marking Period

3/27 Oakland County Vision Screening Grades 1,3,5

3/30 PTA Book Fair 3-6 PM Media Center

3/31 Gemini Concert 9-10 AM (K-5)

3/31 PTA Book Fair 3-8:30 PM

3/31 PTA Poetry Jam 6:30-8


4/1 April Fools

4/1 Late Start

4/1 PTA Book Fair 3-6 PM

4/1 Report Card Window Closes at 11:59 PM

4/2 5th Grade Scheduling in Computer Lab AM

4/2 Report Cards go home at the end of the day




Check for PTA event information and volunteer opportunities.