Julia Butterfly Hill

By: Fares Altawil

Background Information

She was born in February 18, 1974 in Mount Vernon, Missouri. She completed first & second grade in school then she was home schooled in a deeply religious Christian family, third grade through eight. Her real name is Julia Lorraine, but she now goes by Julia Butterfly Hill. She began college at age 16 and opened her own restaurant at 18. She was involved in a fatal car crash which made her reconsider her life's decisions.
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Occupation and Relevance to the Environment

She was an environmentalist, poet, writer, educator and a speaker. She lived in a tree for 738 days to prevent tree-cutting. When she passed the 100 day mark, the world became aware that she was living in a tree for the sole purpose of protecting the forest from destruction. The world's media became all about her progress in life and mission.

Contributions to the Environment

She founded the organization named Circle of Life and devoted her life to the environment. She published a book called "The Legacy of Luna: The Story of a Tree, a Woman, and the Struggle to Save the Redwoods. She was deported out of Ecuador
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How does this individual fit into ur study and understanding of eviromental science

Julia helped us understand how important trees are and the environment is her protest got the medias attention.
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