Joseph Stalin

Death is the solution to all problems.

Little Information On Joseph Stalin.

Name: Joseph Stalin

Date of Birth: Dec 18, 1878

Place of Birth: Gori,Georgia

Stalin's Government Style: Leader of the Soviet Union

3 Major Accomplishments of My Leader.

1. Joseph built a Police Station to maintain his power.

2. Stalin launched the Great Peruge to anyone who disagreed or threatened his power

3. Joseph Stalin also changed the Soviet Union form an Undeveloped Country into one of the Worlds Greatest powers.

2 Reasons/Characteristics My leader is the best for that form of government.

1. Joseph tried to defeat the Germans @ war........... He defeated them in World War 2 and in the Cold war.

2. Stalin was a really mean ruler if anyone Underestimated his power or threatened it....... he sad they shall be killed or put into a Slave Labor Camp

~ By Alexis Rodwell