Greece News

By; Jamisen Schroeder

The Olympics Are Back!!!!!

The Olympics are back in Olympia. The Olympics are held every four years. Four years ago Aknah Reznof won the sprints. The first Olympics took palce right here in Olympia,Greece. Tickets start at $12.00 and there are 20,000 tickets SO BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW!!! The events will be wrestling,Basketball,Sprints,Horse race,And many more events. All wars have stopped for this special event. The first Olympics took place in 776 b.c. But come out to the 881 B.C. We'll see you there
Aknah Reznof 5x sprint gold medalest 7 away from breaking a record. The race started Jarhi (Rome) was in first. Aknah was in 3rd. 2nd place Ahira (Sparta) Tripped and broke his leg. Reznof took off and destroying the rest. This year he will be racing 11x gold metalest Kannah Mesqua.

The King Is Dead

BREAKING NEWS! The King Alexander The Great has been found dead. The 32 year old king started his campaign of domination when he defeated The Persains. He drunk lots of wine then 10 days ago he complained saying he didn't feel well. So he bathed and did sacrifices until the 8th day he couldnt speak he could only nod. They are accusing The persain kings brother Saying he snuck in poisoned the wine witched caused his death. The ceremony will be held for the king tonight.