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January 29, 2016


This Week's Reading Street

Main Text: Mahalia Jackson

Genre: Expository Text

Paired Text: Perfect Harmony

Genre: Poetry

Comprehension Strategies: Main Idea and Details and Text Structure

Conventions: Antonyms

Writing: Connecting the Text (Prompt on Haiku)

Spelling Words for February 9, 2016

  1. uncover
  2. defrost
  3. uncomfortable
  4. discourage
  5. disadvantage
  6. unfortunate
  7. unfamiliar
  8. disability
  9. discomfort
  10. deodorant
  11. unemployed
  12. deflate
  13. disbelief
  14. unpredictable
  15. disapprove
  16. disappoint
  17. unpleasant
  18. dehydrated
  19. disqualify
  20. undecided
  21. unnecessary
  22. disobedient
  23. dehumidifier
  24. disinfectant
  25. disenchanted

Selection Vocabulary for February 5th

  1. background
  2. landscape
  3. miniature
  4. explosions
  5. prehistoric
  6. reassembled

Greek and Latin Roots for February 9, 2016

  • endothermic (adj)
  • exothermic (adj)
  • therm (n)
  • thermal (adj)
  • thermodynamic (adj)
  • thermograph (n)
  • thermometer (n)
  • thermophile (n)
  • thermos (n)
  • thermostat (n)


  1. Learned how to find the LCD (Lowest Common Denominator)
  2. Began adding and subtracting fractions with like and unlike denominators


Took many notes on the many "Acts" or Laws that began the conflict of the Revolution.


Wednesday, Feb. 3rd, 9-10am

10920 Reed Road

Lake in the Hills, IL

  • Parents are welcome to attend. Siblings that are non-school aged may come as well. Please do not pull a student out of class to attend.
  • Children should have their artifacts. Five total. 1 is their costume.
  • I am not able to attend, but Mr. Krupp will be here along with my requested substitute. Unfortunately, my son, Russell, has to have hernia surgery that day. We were at the mercy of the surgeon's availability.
  • Please only take pictures of your son/daughter. You may only post a picture that contains only your child on social media sites. This is in respect to other parent's wishes. Thank you for understanding!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Girls on the Run

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We are looking for coaches!

Have you ever thought you wanted to make the difference in the life of a little girl? Whether you have a daughter in the program or not, by coaching this program you can help a girl gain confidence she willl carry throughout her whole life.

Please visit Coaches Corner on our website to read our Coach Job Description. Click on the pink "sign up" button to fill in a Coach Commitment form. Still on the fence? Watch this short video from race day. This video will give you all the deets about Coaching.

Please contact Katie Walsh with any questions.

Robert Crown Parent Information Night


On Monday, February 22, 2016 representatives from the Robert Crown Centers for Health Education will be at Conley Elementary to give parents a preview of the LINDA AND MICHAEL PROGRAM (Our Changing Body) that the 5th grade students will participate in on Thursday, April 21st. The parent night will begin at 7:00 p.m. This informational session is NOT mandatory.

Friendship Party

HELLO! A Pink Valentine's Day Update will be making its way home today. Please ask your son/daughter about it. There will also be some other important sheets to keep an eye out for (movie night and baby face contest).