George Eastman

By: Harley Drake

The Kodak Camera

The Kodak Camera was invented by George Eastman in 1888. The camera made it easier and less costly to take photographs. George wonted to simply photography and make it easier for everyone. Was a handheld camera. You could only take pictures outside in bright sunlight

How The Kodak Worked

  1. Set the shutter for an exposure
  2. Winded the film in position
  3. If taking photos outside hold the camera with hands if inside place on table that is steady
  4. Then click the bottom and FLASH theirs your photo

The Invention

Kodak cameras first came along with the invention of dry plates. George created a emulsion coating machine which helped produce more. dry plates for photographers. Then he started a commercial dry plate company in a small loft of a building. After him and Henry A. Strong formed a partnership they created a company called Eastman dry plate company. Then Eastman American Film was produced. Which finally lead up to the invention of the Kodak Camera.

History of George Eastman

He was an high school drop out. He was judged but he was not extremely gifted when measured against academic standers. He was poor even as a young man, took it upon himself to support his widowed mother and 2 sisters which one was extremely disable. He began his business career as a 14 year old office boy for an insurance company. He had a gift of organization and management. This helped him to direct the Eastman Kodak camera company.


George Eastman is significance because without him inventing a handheld camera we probably have to pay more for pictures to be developed or even take. Today we made more modern camera that are more smaller like cameras on your cell phones. We now had small Kodak cameras and lots of other name brand cameras today. Without his invention photography may still be expensive .